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Become a success story!

If you’re tired of diet programs that never work. If you’re sick of restricting yourself from your favourite foods just to fit into last summer’s short shorts. If you’re fed UP with losing weight only to find yourself gaining it all back and then some with no idea why, you found the right place!

My name is Therese Lean and I empower smart, sassy and successful women like yourself to break free from the dieting cycle forever by guiding you through the principles I used to lose over 100lbs and keep it off. You will experience amazing shifts in the way you view your health which helps you to become happier than you have ever thought you could be and fall desperately in love with not only your life but also yourself!

Are you ready to become a success story?

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Product Reviews

TurboFire/ChaLEAN Extreme Hybrid – Month 1

Okay, so "month 1" is a bit of a misnomer seeing as I've actually just started my sixth week but I'll pretend last week never happened. Are we okay? Great! We're okay! Let's move on! So I know I've already done this hybrid before but I've never … [Read More...]

Weight Loss Tips

This Is Keeping You Fat

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Yummy Recipes

Chocolate Shakeology Breakfast Bowl

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