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There’s exciting stuff goin’ on in my world and I’m so happy to be sharing it with all of ya’s!

In September, I am hosting my very first webinar! Throughout my weight loss journey I’ve been asked a bazillion times how I’m doing it/did it and it’s made me realize just how misinformed people are about what it really takes to lose weight. We all know that, for those of us with no pre-existing conditions, to lose weight we need to eat a little less and move a lot more but I’ve discovered through my own experiences that there are a few fundamental steps that no one talks about, like the most effective type of motivation needed and how to make your weight loss plan so effective that there’s no way you can’t succeed! I’ve decided that i’m going to teach it to you.

For free.

It’s true! Webinars like this can easily run for hundreds of dollars but I don’t believe this information should be sold as this stuff should be shouted from the rooftops and handed out in pamphlets on the street. Weight loss can be difficult enough and my philosophy is to try to make it easier and what’s easier than giving you free information? Nothing!

So, if, like me, you’re sick of seeing the absurd amount of weight loss programs out there that never bloody well work, you won’t want to miss this! I am going to strip away the media fluff and tell you what you need to know to make your weight loss a permanent success. I know it works because it’s exactly what I did to lose over 85lbs and keep it off for over three years and counting.

This is a game-changer folks! I’ll give you the information needed to discover your motivation and then give you the steps to help you start losing weight, permanently! No fluff, no fine print, you won’t have to cash in your life savings nor will you be asked to sell anything! So join me on September 21st, at 8pm (EST) for a fun and informative webinar to help you start living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

You’ll want to register for this ASAP as it is filling up FAST!


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