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As I mentioned last post, meal planning is one of the most effective ways of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It takes the guesswork out of your week and reduces stress. Although it can take a bit of time to do initially, technology has made it even simpler!

There are a crap load of software, apps, websites and printable templates on the web to make this easier and more organized. All you need to do is pick your poison and stick with it. The following is a very non-exhaustive list of online resources you can utilize to make your meal planning a breeze! For this post, I’ll focus on a few software and app options and with the next post I’ll focus on websites and old fashioned printable templates!


Living Cookbook  $34.95 Windows PC only
This aware winning, easy to use meal planning software is for everyone from families to chefs to resturants. Features include:
  • Manage your recipe collection
  • Plan meals using the meal planning calendar
  • Calculate nutrition for any recipe, menu or meal
  • Create grocery lists organized by grocery aisle
  • Manage your kitchen’s inventory
  • Publish and print cookbooks
  • Print on any size paper, including index cards
  • Share your recipes as files or emails
  • Import every major recipe file format
  • Copy recipes directly from the Internet
  • Help file with over 500 help topics
  • Online support forum with over 32,000 members

Cook’n Recipe Organizer  $79.95 Mac and Windows compatible

With over 3 million copies sold, this software is a family friendly meal planner that features:
  • Enter and organize your own recipes
  • Search hundreds of recipes in seconds
  • Adjust recipe serving sizes automatically
  • Create weekly menus & make shopping lists
  • Analyze nutritional value of any recipe
  • Print family cookbooks
  • Email recipes to family & friends
  • A free eCookbook of your choice with purchase

Shop’n Cook Menu  $49.95 Mac and Windows compatible

This is an easy to use meal planning software program tha also comes with a downloadable app for your iPhone for convenience at the grocery store! It also includes:
  • Add easily recipes by typing them in, pasting them from the clipboard, or importing directly from the internet: no formatting is necessary
  • Organize your recipes by categories and in cookbooks. Enable anyone to read them with free Shop’NCook Reader software
  • Plan your meals for days or weeks at a time. Create an aise-ordered grocery list with a click of the mouse
  • Includes a customizable database of 2000 grocery items with nutritional data. Get an accurate nutritional analysis of your recipes effortlessly.


Menu Planner  $1.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod tough, and iPad.
A very popular menu planning app, it features:
  • Plan out your meals exactly how you like them, as far out as you like
  • Store your favourite recipes, with the ability to enter them online through the Menu Planner website and sync them to your device or import recipes directly from popular recipe websites
  • Sync your data between multiple devices
  • Create a shopping list from your meal plans and recipes, with support for multiple stores
  • With the Pantry View, indicate which items you already have in your pantry to make meal planning easier
  • Supports multiple stores for your shopping lists
  • Easily swap meals from one date to another
  • Add your own meal types (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc)
  • Add your own categories (main dish, side, dessert, etc)
  • Add your own foods
  • Ability to add notes to meals
  • Ability to move individual meals to a different date
  • Ability to send meal plans through email
  • Ability to email a shopping list
  • Free online backup and restore of your data
  • Email plans for a date range you specify


Mealboard  $1.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Great for families, this app features:
  • Add your own recipes and categorize them to make it easier to search when planning your meals
  • Create a meal plan. Adjust settings to show weekday only or all 7 days
  • Add more than one dish for each meal
  • Once your meal plan is created, you can automatically create a shopping list with one tap of a button
  • Grocery list also has the option to show prices to help keep you on a budget
  • Share your recipes, meal plan, and grocery list by email to keep the family informed
  • Sync your information to “the cloud” to share between devices
  • Use the website interface to add or edit your recipes and then use it on your devices

In the Kitchen: Food Network Recipes, Chefs, Cooking Tools and Shopping Lists  $1.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Love The Food Network? Always seeing someone make a dish and want to make it too? Now you can have ALL 45,000 Food Network recipes on your phone, along with:
  • A built-in unit converter
  • A kitchen timer
  • A recipe box, which is synced with your recipe box on
  • A shopping list that you can add items to from individual recipes
  • The ability to email and share favourite recipes on Facebook and Twitter
Do you use a meal planning software or app? Which one do you love? Join in on the conversation on my Facebook and Twitter pages!


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