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Last night I attended the first class of my final course needed for me to graduate. It’s true, at 29 years old I decided to go back to school and now, at 32, I’m finally finishing the degree I began more than ten years ago! I’m excited that it’ll finally be over (what was I THINKING?!) and proud that I decided to finish what I started so long ago.

For some people change is exciting, the feeling of a clean slate where anything is possible is a motivating factor in and of itself but for many people, change is feared. We are creatures of habit, we wake up every day and know what will happen. We have morning routines, work routines, weekend routines.

There’s comfort in these routines, it’s not chaotic, we can plan ahead knowing that, aside from unpredictable events, we know exactly what’s going to happen. A significant change like going back to school as an adult, moving, changing your health habits, getting married, having children, etc., throws a huge wrench into that routine. But as much as routine is comfortable, it also causes us to become stagnant as individuals. I know a few grown adults who haven’t changed and still act like 15 year olds, it’s not pretty.

We’re naturally evolving creatures and, as such, require change to move forward and become our best selves. Change is an inevitable part of our lives, fight it and we become miserable and left behind, embrace it and you will see your world with new eyes and new experiences. Sure there’s a risk that you’ll fail, there always is, and you know what? I’m not going to tell you that you WON’T fail but there’s just an equal (and more likely a greater) chance that you WON’T fail, that you’ll succeed wildly but if you don’t take that chance, you’ll never bloody well know!

Over the last couple of years I’ve made several changes in my life so I guess you could say that I’m an expert in this field and I can tell you with authority that the only difference between someone who makes these changes and someone who doesn’t is that the person who makes the change actually DOES IT. There’s no difference in the amount of fear between the two at all. When I originally quit my front desk job and moved to Toronto with very little plans, I was more frightened than I ever had been in my life. I had no clue if the plans I actually did have would turn out. When I decided to start running, I had no idea if I could do it or if I just looked like an idiot and when I quit my perfectly good desk job after four years to start my own business, I was terrified. But in all instances I felt the fear, took a deep breath and stepped off that cliff regardless feeling the fear and terror the entire time. No, it hasn’t all worked out the way I’d planned it but in every way it’s turned out for the better, I’VE turned out better.

I’ll be honest, had I known what I was getting into going back to school while also holding down a full time job I probably would have thought twice about diving in. It’s been immensely stressful (not to mention expensive) and I can’t tell you how many times I broke down and threatened to drop out (usually it was right before exam time). It’s been a rough 2.5 years of almost non-stop schooling but the end is finally in sight and only now can I look back and know that it was all worth it.

When you make the decision to take control of your health, it’s never an easy road to go down. Western society is so ingrained with bad habits that changing them is no easy feat, I won’t sit here and tell you otherwise. I see media claims of weight “melting” off and “30 Days To ______” and shake my head, changing your behaviour does not happen in five days, thirty days or even six months sometimes. It takes focus, determination and consistency to change these habits. It takes serious commitment.

But it’s 100% worth it.

Changing my unhealthy habits has seriously been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done but I don’t regret a single day of it. Even during the most frustrating, emotional days when all I wanted to do was hide away and eat bags upon bags of Doritos, when my weight never seemed to budge and I just couldn’t “see” the rewards of my efforts I never regretted smartening up, sitting down and journalling out my feelings instead of giving into my unhealthy impulses no matter how difficult a decision it was to do at the time. I do this even now, mostly with workouts! There are plenty of days where I want nothing more than to roll over, pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep but then I remind myself that I have never regretted a workout but I DO regret skipping them and that’s usually enough to make me throw the covers back and get my sweat on. All the same, it’s taken me over three years to create a consistent workout routine and yet I still have those days!

Although I know I’m not the only one and those who are much more fit than I am go through the same issues, I used to have fantasies of NEVER having those days, that I would make perfect decisions every day, I’d bound out of bed having dreamt of a good workout and spend my days beaming with positivity and shooting rainbows out of my butt. Oh reality, you hurt me so (but probably saved my ass a world of multi-coloured pain).

The point, if you haven’t figured it out already, is that although change can be difficult and sometimes the outcome is not what you thought it would be, it’s worth it, especially when it comes to changing your health (physically and mentally). You’ve only got one body, one life and one chance to make it the best so get out there and do it!

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