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One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from people regarding why they “can’t” work out is that they have no time.

Seriously? That’s your excuse?

Listen, I know we’re a hectic society and that although we have all these fancy devices and inventions to make our lives easier we’re busier than ever, but I don’t see time as an excuse. If you want to get fit and healthy, you MAKE the time.

To help you out, here are 10 different strategies you can use to create more time in your day to work out. Remember that you don’t always have to work up a major shower-inducing sweat, sometimes just 10 minutes of getting off your butt is all that’s needed. The important thing is to create an active life more than it is just to burn calories!

10 Ways To Create Time (To Work Out)

1. Turn off the TV.
  • What shows do you watch on an average day and how many of those do you actually like or are merely “filler” shows? Get rod of those filler shows (like the news, you can get it anywhere) and use that time to work out. With the invention of DVRs and online streaming there’s even no excuse with the shows you do like. Record them and watch them later, TV is not a priority, your health, however, is. You’ll calm your mind and de-stress better with a good workout more than you will with TV. Use your favourite shows as a reward instead, if you work out for an hour, you can watch it!

2. Prep meals the night before.

  • Take the time, directly after dinner while you’re still in the kitchen (or just before bed) to prep what you can for meals the next day. Set the coffee maker, make your lunches and even prep for your next dinner. This doesn’t have to take long and will save you a world of time in the morning so you can get your sweat on rather than making meals.

3. Turn your kids’ sports games into workout time.

  • I know you love your kids and want to encourage them but you really don’t have to watch EVERY soccer/baseball/football/ring toss game. You can work with other parents to carpool so you have the time to work out or, once the game starts, use that time to get your own workout in. You can do laps around the field (while still keeping your eye on the game) or go to a nearby gym.

4. Take family quality time outdoors, not in.

  • Sure playing boardgames with the kids is fun family time but you can get it just the same by getting outdoors and doing something active. Go hiking together, take walks, try geocaching (a GREAT family activity). Think outside the box so you can not only teach your children the joys of activity but gets you into a consistent routine as well).

5. Pull in those favours!

  • I know that, as a parent, you want to try and do just about everything yourself, but it’s perfectly okay to ask for help. Ask a parent, sibling or good friend to babysit when your spouse can’t so you can go work out. It’ll do you a world of good to get away for a bit and give your kids some much needed family time with the rest of their family.

6. Team up with a friend – have them take care of your kids and then switch!

  • Have a friend who’s also struggling with getting their workouts in? Ask them if they’d be willing to babysit your kids for an hour so you can work out and, in turn, you’ll do the same for them! It’s a total win/win!

7. Pretend the snooze button doesn’t exist.

  • I know it’s hard but seriously, don’t even consider it and you add 10-20 minutes to your day right there. When that alarm goes off, don’t think and just flop out of bed. You may not feel awake right away but once that workout is done, you’ll be rarin’ to go!

8. Utilize breaks for activity.

  • Use your work breaks to go for walks, do some light strength training or hit up the gym. If you don’t have use of a shower, no problem, you don’t need to work up a sweat as long as you’re up and moving! If you do have access to showers and a longer lunch, go for lunch workouts and eat at your desk. That way you have mornings AND your evenings free!

9. When socializing, don’t suggest drinks/dinner, suggest an activity instead!

  • This is one of my favourites. I like making active social plans with a lot of my friends. We may end up at a pub after the fact but  normally we’ll make running dates, spin dates or a date to try something new that we’ve both been wanting to try. This is a great way to get to really know who your friends are because nothing says friendship like encouraging each other through a particularly gruelling run or hike!

10. Use the time it takes to bake your dinner to work out.

  • This is another favourite! If you have a dinner dish that takes some time to cook (like a casserole), pop it into the oven and take the time it takes to bake to work out. I usually hop on the elliptical or throw in a workout DVD for the duration of the baking and then use the 10-15 minutes it takes for dinner to cool to shower.
How do you make the most out of your time? Do you have some time issues you need some help with? Head over to my Facebook page or Twitter page and let me help!

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