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Oh do I know about late-night eating! I cannot tell you the amount of times I would find myself polishing off a huge bag of chips or popcorn or whatever other crap I had in the house just before I’d head off to bed. I would try in vain to stop it with lots of mental tricks and affirmations and all that jazz but none of it ever took! What the hell?!?! It seems like I’d have to padlock the fridge and cupboards just to get me to stop but no matter what I did, I would always find myself heading to bed with an extended tummy and then wonder why it would take me another three hours just to drift off!

It’s not that eating in the evening is bad for you. I know that there are myths about not being able to digest food properly and whatnot if you eat later in the evening but anything you’ve heard is bunk. If you’re hungry and it’s 10pm, for Gods sake EAT SOMETHING! The problem becomes when we eat over the calorie limit that our body’s need each day. Even an extra 100 calories per day can lead up to some serious weight gain by the end of the year!

For most of us, we eat late in the evening because we’re bored! Usually come 9pm and later the house is quiet, the kids are asleep and finally, finally, we have some time to ourselves to just relax. Most people will do that by turning the TV on and vegging out and this is where our late-night eating begins. During commercials we snap out of it and find something to fill a void and head over to the fridge and once the show starts back up again we have begun mindlessly eating, not paying any attention to how much we’re eating or how our body’s are reacting until it’s too late.

So what did I do to break that happen?

You’re going to laugh at me, I’m just know it but this is real life right here!

I took up cross-stitching.

It’s true! I also took up knitting!

My issue, like so many others was that I was bored and TV obviously wasn’t cutting it so I taught myself how to cross-stitch and knit. This allowed me to have the TV on and¬†keep my hands busy, it’s very difficult to eat a bag of chips when both of your hands are busy doing something!

I’m not saying you need to pick up knitting to end your late-night snacking but I do suggest finding another activity that you can do with your hands to keep them busy. I know a lot of fitness professionals recommend doing crunches and push-ups during the commercials but I’m a realist and know that once your butt is on the couch, it ain’t gettin’ up! This is, however, the perfect time to find a hobby that you can do to keep your hands busy and out of the fridge. I like knitting and cross-stitching because it’s pretty mindless, I can do it while listening to whatever I’m watching (as long as it’s not action oriented) and I’ve already gotten several Christmas gifts finished!

So give it a shot! Teach yourself something new or pick up an old hobby that you’ve left to the wayside!

Photo Credit: Glamriah

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