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The holidays are coming to a close for another year and this is the time where we take stock of the year we’re leaving behind and look forward to the year ahead. Every year leaves us with many ups and downs, challenges and celebrations, births and deaths and a myriad of other events and emotions but how was it for you, personally? Do you feel that you forged ahead and accomplished everything you set out to or did you get distracted and before you knew it you were sitting here, reading this and face-palming yourself?

For many, this week in particular, thoughts turn towards our health. After a month of cookies, alcohol, fudge, eggnog, heavy turkey dinners and the like we’re usually feeling pretty, well, “blah,” right now. With this in mind most people make hasty goals to lose weight/eat better/exercise more based on these emotional responses but when January comes around their emotions even out and things get back to normal without the health goals.

The year, why not take a different approach? There is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging over the holidays and there is definitely nothing wrong with making health goals because there is no drawback to getting healthier but why not do it then smart way? Instead of just rubbing your holiday belly while moaning “Never again! Come January this has GOT to end!” why not make sure it doesn’t happen again and give yourself a gift for the new year.

This gift will be the gift of a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t deprive you of your favourite holiday goodies but ensures that you won’t go overboard. This gift will help you get the weight off once and for all. This gift will help you develop an exercise routine that you will look forward to and one that will make you feel amazing. This gift will give you the confidence to not only develop a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain but one in which will lay the foundations for you to achieve any goal you set out for yourself. This gift will teach you to be kind to yourself, help you discover the triggers that cause you to overeat and what to do about them. It will help you transform your life.

This is what my new challenge is all about. I have designed it to fit your lifestyle because if you cannot fit new changes into your life you most likely will not do it. Done in succession for 31 days you will learn how to find motivation that lasts, create an exercise routine that you enjoy, learn what it actually takes to lose weight, begin to learn and implement better nutrition and find the support you need to make all of your health dreams come true.

Now is your time. You’ve lived too long wondering what your life would look like if you were healthy. No one is going to wave a magic wand so that you wake up tomorrow fit, healthy and confident. It all starts with you. Only you can make the choice to get healthy and only you can do the work necessary to make it happen. But you don’t have to go it alone! This challenge will not only put you in touch with other people who are going through the same thing you are but you’ll be working with someone who has been there and made it through the process successfully so you can talk to and ask questions (obviously this person is me!)

Make 2012 your year to shine and start it off by giving yourself the gift of health, register for the challenge today!


Photo Credit: Naturally4Baby

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