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A woman deciding between cake or salad

Recently I was asked if I still keep my old, bigger sized clothes in the closet and she was surprised when I said I don’t. This got me thinking about the difference between a dieter and someone who isn’t. There are a set of behaviours that chronic dieters engage in that those who do not do not and when you begin to ditch the dieting mentality, you’ll find that losing weight and getting healthy are not as difficult as we are led to believe!

So what is a dieters mentality? A person with dieters mentality has probably spent the majority of their lives yo-yo dieting. So much so that their every day thoughts act as though they are on a diet all the time. People with a dieters mentality tend to severely restrict their food so that they see specific foods as either good or bad or they cut out certain foods completely for a short period of time. They may also restrict their calorie intake too much on one day and then binge the next. They keep their bigger clothing “just in case” and negative thoughts such as “I’ll never be able to get this weight off” or “I’ll always be fat” are predominate. In short, how they perceive food and exercise is dominated by thoughts of weight and live in fear that they will fail because all of their past attempts to lose weight never lasted.

And, just for the record, you don’t have to be overweight to have a dieters mentality. Living in fear of being fat is also a good sign that you ¬†engage in a dieting mentality.

The issue with having this mentality is that it completely sabotages your efforts at not just losing weight but your very happiness! I’ve never known someone who was on a traditional diet who actually enjoyed it but I know tons of people who are happier than most when they’ve adopted a healthy life!

When you tell yourself that you’ll always be fat, when you keep your “fat clothes”, when you restrict your favourite foods to the point of a total binge-fest, you’re setting yourself up for total failure! A dieters mentality is not a successful one, it never has! To successfully lose weight and keep it off requires the decision to succeed and success means that you do whatever it takes to never go back to where you were. This means you need to ditch the negative attitude and replace it with a positive, more constructive one (“Yes it’s hard to lose this weight but I am determined to do it!”), donate your oversized clothing because you know you’ll never need it again and begin to build a foundation in which you can eat whatever you want without going overboard.

When you engage in dieters mentality, everything is temporary to you because diets are temporary! When you get rid of that mentality, you get rid of the temporary!

This won’t happen over night, I know but it is a crucial step to take if you want make this happen. Ask yourself in what ways you engage in a dieters mentality and how you can reframe it so that it’s more positive and permanent. Is it scary to get rid of your fat clothes? Sure it is, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Having those fat clothes in your closet is just giving you an excuse to give in to binges and not to exercise. When you have nothing in your closet but clothes that fit your body right now you instantly know that you’re going to have to maintain or lose because you’re not about to go out and buy anything larger than the clothes you’re in right now.

When you decide that success is your only option, that dieters mentality falls away immediately. You begin to replace fear with opportunity and give yourself the permission to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Your past failures mean NOTHING when you decide to succeed!

Decide, right now, what you want to do. Do you want to live your life in fear of failure or do you want to live your life happy? The choice is yours!




  1. I can most definitely, without a doubt, say that I do NOT have a dieter’s mentality!!! I am in it as a healthy lifestyle…and that is AWESOME!

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