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Lately I’ve been quite obsessed with a new workout. I’ve been doing Beachbody’s TurboFire program since the fall and love how it pushes me beyond my comfort zone on an almost daily basis, this is my final week before a recovery week and then I can say I finished the 20 week program!

When I first started it, I was all a mess! It has basic choreographed moves which I’ve never really been that good at and I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get into it. I LOVED the kickboxing style, the plyometrics and the HIIT training but adding choreography to it freaked me out a bit. That first workout was hilarious! I kept forgetting what to do and sometimes just flailed about or did jumping jacks until I got back into the rhythm! Several months later, however, I’m much better at being able to keep up but I’m still not perfect!

I think that, for many people, the idea that you won’t be perfect when you start something new is the #1 reason why they don’t bother doing it in the first place and that behaviour has got to go!

No one is perfect, there are just more experienced people and less experienced people. If you decide that you’re not going to try a new fitness class because you won’t know how to do the moves or decide that you won’t track your food because you don’t know if you should track lettuce or that spoonful of p.b. you had, you’re missing the point!

Wherever you are in life, just start! Starting something is better than not starting something. No one cares if you can’t do all the moves in a Zumba class right off the bat, the only reason they know the moves is because they’ve gone back every week for a long time! They’ve had more time to practice! You can get there too if you just show up every week and give it your best shot! The more you track your food, the easier it’ll get and you’ll know what to track and what’s not so important (leafy greens are alright not to track but p.b.? Track it!).

When I do TurboFire I certainly can’t jump as high as those in the video, I don’t have their rock hard bodies and sometimes it takes me longer to recover after a HIIT interval than the DVD gives me but I still show up and give it all I can in the moment. Some days I just do what I can, even if that means I modify a burpee or two, other days I can’t believe how hard I can give it! This never would have happened if I packed it in after that one workout! I just kept at it!

You’ll never do something perfect the first time so throw away your idea of perfection and, instead, decide to be imperfect! Relish your newness! If you’re in a class, ask the other members for pointers! Go right up to your instructor and say “Hey! I’m new! Help me!” Take pride in that even though you don’t know how to do something, you’re going to do it anyway because you know what your goals are and you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve them!

You won’t get anywhere by being afraid that you’re not perfect. All it will do is sink you further and further back into where you don’t want to be! When I first started to run I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that if I was going to run, I was probably going to have to get used to walking first so that’s what I did. I just walked. After some time I decided I’d run between a sign and a street lamp a few times. I didn’t know that I was running too fast for my own good, I just did it because I had a goal of running a 5k. I eventually got a proper 5k plan but that was five months after I decided to run!

Today, decide to embrace your imperfection and just go ahead and do something anyway!

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