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Forget chocolates and flowers this Valentines Day, instead, I urge you all to go out and get laid!

You laugh but I’m serious! Sex is great for your health! It helps to relieve stress, boost your immunity, burns calories, helps you to sleep better, reduces pain (thanks to an increase in endorphins), improves your heart health and it also just feels damned good! Even better, you don’t actually need a partner to get the benefits so who cares if you’re in a relationship, single, kinda-sorta seeing someone, have a “buddy” or whatever, anyone can get their groove on today!

That being said, I know that women have a tendency to lack some confidence beneath the sheets and overweight women moreso. The idea of standing, fully naked in front of another individual with or without the lights on is enough to make most ladies cringe. We think of the flab, the stretch marks, the shape of our breasts, the thickness of our thighs, the stretched out tummy from birthin’ kids and we just want to cry instead of get it on.

I’m not going to sit here and talk to you about body confidence because that’d take a hell of a lot more than one blog article. What I want to talk about is how you can enjoy your sex life RIGHT NOW.

That’s right, I’m sayin’ I can show you how to get a red hot sex life right now whether you’re 120lbs or 320lbs!

If you’re looking to make each and every romp in the sack the most amazing night of your life, what you need to do is stay in the moment!

Stop thinking so much when you’re makin’ whoopee! When you stop thinking about all of your imperfections, whether your gut is swinging, your boobs are flopping or whatever, you immediately begin to start focusing on what’s actually going on! You begin to enjoy the touches, the caresses, the sensations involved and before you know it, you’re *gasp* having a good time!

We spend so much time thinking about the negative aspects of ourselves that we oftentimes forget to just be. When you’re in the present moment, you stop comparing yourself to others, you stop beating yourself up for what you think you should or shouldn’t be doing and you just accept the present for what it is, the present moment. When you begin doing this during sex, not only will you realize that you left your hang-ups in the clothes piled on the floor, you’ll also notice that those wonderful sensations are amplified because you’re not blocking them out with your thoughts so you can really, truly feel it.

 The next time you’re having sex and you find that you start thinking about your tummy, immediately shift your focus to what is happening in the moment. Don’t even allow yourself to finish the sentence in your mind, just empty it out and focus on what you’re feeling and I don’t mean emotionally (although that’s part of it), I mean what you are literally feeling and stay with it!

This is such a simple strategy and you will see immediate results! The added benefit is that this will not only help you to create a phenomenal sex life, you’ll also increase the intimacy of your relationships because you are completely focused on what is happening with you and your partner.

Go! Off with you! Whether you have a partner or your partner is yourself, practice this technique as often as possible and thank me later!

Photo Credit: Virgin Media


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