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When it comes to achieving our health goals, motivation can be a bitch. Some days we’ve got enough to spread around and other days we’re desperate for even a bit of it.

On days where I just don’t want to move my ass at all, I turn to external sources of motivation to get me up and moving. Here are are my top websites that I head to for a boost of motivation because the hardest part of exercise isn’t the exercise itself, it’s getting started!

FitSugar – I love FitSugar! It’s fun, it’s cute but it also gives some GREAT health and fitness tips!

Self – I love to go to Self for their fitness tips and they have some great new workouts that will get your sweat on in no time!

Women’s Health – Another staple magazine that I buy in the store as well as paruse their online articles. They have a lot of great downloadable guides and even some awesome fitness videos for workouts you can do at home!

Oxygen – This is my go-to site for instant workout motivation! Geared more towards women who aspire to kick some ass in the weight room I find it to be more hardcore than the other fitness magazines out there. Aside from the massive amounts of protein supplement and “fat blaster” ads, Oxygen provides great motivation to get you to kick your own ass! The women in this magazine are some of the most ripped I’ve ever seen!

Shape – This is another I go to that is similar to Self and Women’s Health. I like their exercise and nutrition tips and I love their “bride” section to help me get in the best shape possible for my big day!

Huffington Post – Healthy Living – This is actually my homepage! Every time I turn on my computer it pops up and I get to read some wonderfully inspiring articles that remind me why I’m on this healthy living path. It contains more scientifically based articles rather than blatant photos of ripped women but motivates my soul and that’s just as important as motivating my body!

SparkPeople Blogs – If you want some real-world inspiration, the blogs on SparkPeople are the place to go! Millions of people have SparkPeople accounts and many of them have public blogs where you can learn how a perfectly normal Mom of 5 from Idaho lost 200 lbs on her own without pills or programs. Having been a member of this community for years, I can tell you that I have been moved, inspired, encouraged, supported and celebrated just by reading some of these blogs.

Pinterest – My new favourite place for motivation! You can follow boards that are specifically health and fitness related and you’ll receive a whole host of motivational images to get your butt moving and even create your own board that you can turn to with the most inspiring and motivational images and videos tailored to your interests! You should also follow me (my username is quite original: thereselean)!

Motivation is all around us, you just need to open your eyes to see it!

Photo Credit: Pinterest


  1. Thanks for this great go-to list!

  2. I’ll definitely be using this list for a good ol’ kick in the butt :)

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