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The healthy living section of The Huffington Post is my homepage. Every time I log onto the internet up it pops with its endless tips on how to create a healthier, more fulfilling life and I’ll take a few seconds to scroll through the most recent articles to see if there’s anything that intrigues me. I pay particular attention to the topics of weight loss and fitness and I’m noticing my reaction lately to a lot of those articles.

My reaction is one of a big, giant, fat sigh of frustration.

I know you’ve done it as well with other media outlets. Everyone has their own theory or idea about how to lose weight: cut back on carbs, use this combination of super foods from ancient places you’ve never heard of, get rid of sugar, do 400 air squats in the bathroom stall at work, take a fat burning supplement, use this machine, use that new product that was on yesterday’s Dr. Oz. Everywhere we go there’s an endless stream of confusion about weight loss.

It’s because of this that most people just don’t bother doing anything at all because they now have no idea where to begin or what the hell to do! It’s enough to bash your head against a wall and whimper in a corner, sucking on your thumb.

Listen, most of what you hear has a grain of truth to it and some of it is all just a load of crap. My advice to you, if you want to get the weight off but don’t know where to begin is this: keep it simple!

When I had my ah-ha moment back in 2007, the moment that inspired me to finally get this weight off for good, I had a conversation with myself (trust me, this happens more often than you know). I remember saying to myself that if I was going to do this once and for all, it had to be on my own terms. I knew that my habits had to change but I knew that if I did too much too soon I wouldn’t be able to stick with it, these habits needed to be learned gradually and none of the diet programs or advice at the time were teaching that so I had to go it alone.

I started by getting rid of the snack food in my house and keeping only a jug of cold water in the fridge instead of pop. That’s it! No exercise, no portion control, I just got rid of the food that I typically used to eat when I was bored. That alone helped me to lose 12lbs in the first couple of weeks. Then I began to branch out and go for a walk a few days a week followed by looking carefully at what I was eating and slowly making the switch from unhealthy, processed foods to healthier, whole foods. I took only one or two things at a time until they became habit. Some came easily, others took quite some time but slowly over time I adopted healthier habits, lost the weight and I did it by taking it one day, one habit at a time.

If you get to a point where you find yourself stuck, that’s the time you’ll want to seek help and I recommend talking to someone who has actually gone through what you’re going through or a professional that you know rather than the media who’s job it is to post newsworthy stories regardless of whether or not they’re accurate. Someone who’s lost the weight can give you practical advice on what you may want to look into or whether you should see a doctor.

Just start. Start today. Start NOW. Who cares if it’s 8pm, start now. Choose one habit, create a plan on how you’re going to change it into a healthier one and get to it. Don’t worry about the latest and greatest pill, super food or exercise craze. This is your life so do this on your own terms and enjoy the journey!


Photo Credit: Momaroo


  1. Everything seems so complicated lately! Thank you for reminding us that some things can still be simple!

  2. Graat Advice! Changing one thing at a time seems more realistic and your more apt to stick too!

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