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I find it hard to believe that Spring starts next week! In fact, it starts a week today! I know that we’ve had an extremely mild winter but it always surprises me when the seasons sneak up like that! I can’t wait for the smell of the flowers, opening the windows, ditching the winter jacket, long walks outdoors and this year I finally get to start my new garden! Last year my fiancé and my future father-in-law worked really hard for most of the summer overhauling our back yard and creating some vegetable and flower boxes. We didn’t have time to start growing anything last year so this year is the year! I am really looking forward to growing my own food and making super awesome meals out of it!

You’ll notice that most of the links I’ve been checking out this week are recipe related and cleaning related! I’m getting in the mood for some spring cleaning and found some really get tips for organizing not  only your spring cleaning efforts but your weekly cleaning schedule!



Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


No fitness equipment at home? No problem!


Here’s a great way to prep your meals for the week!

Mmm… Nutty Breakfast Parfait!

Want to eat like a fit person? Here are 13 foods fit people love!

This is super cool! If you forget what foods are good for which body part, here’s a handy guide!

I could eat pizza for every meal, every day of the week. Sadly, most pizzas aren’t healthy unless you make them yourself so here are 13 ways to do so!

I think you should make this for dinner this week!

General Health

So, not only does exercise help increase your cardiovascular health, help to prevent disease, make you more energetic, feel good, have better sex, etc., etc., but apparently it can also alter your DNA?!

Vegetables can change the colour of your skin?! I think I’ll put down that eggplant…

For The Home

This is awesome! A spring cleaning list so you don’t forget anything! It’s a long list but if you start doing one or two things per day, you’ll be in done in no time!

Speaking of cleaning, if you get overwhelmed with housework, here’s a cool weekly cleaning schedule that’s easy to implement and won’t drive you crazy!

Life Hacks

It’s taken me two hours to write this post. Why? I was procrastinating. Here’s how to stop that nasty habit for good!

Are you afraid to speak up for yourself? Here are 5 tips to increase your assertiveness.


Oh man. This is just stunning. Here is a sample of places you’ll want to add to your Bucket List to visit so you can experience these amazing views!


This is really interesting! It’s a photo journal of global food disparity. Notice how the American culture contains far more processed food than other countries AND notice the price difference!


Photo Credit: Chris Radburn/PA

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