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I’m in the mood, the mood to CLEAN! It’s true, once the cold weather starts to dissipate and I find myself making all sorts of excuses to get outside I also find that I get in the mood to clean house! This year I’ve decided to do a thorough spring cleaning! I’ll admit that I’ve actually never done that before but the thought of it makes me feel refreshed and renewed. Ripping apart my house, room by room, scrubbing down all the old dirt, going through my stuff to see what I use and what could be donating and then putting it all back together really gets the energies in your house moving. Don’t you find that you feel so much better when your house is clean? I think it’s because we simultaneous clean up all the old stagnant energy that’s been sitting around as well. When our house is healthy, our bodies are also healthy and we feel more in control and productive. I’ve made a list of each room in the house and wrote out a checklist of things to do, I plan to start with one room and do 2 – 3 things a day until the whole house, inside and out is ready for the new season of my life to begin!

Happy cleaning!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


Despite what I just wrote about spring cleaning, I’m giving you an incredible excuse to NOT do your housework!

More great tips on how to get an awesome workout without equipment!

This is a fascinating article about how exercise benefits the creative brain BIG TIME! My favourite article of the week!

Feeling a little strung out? Here are 9 yoga poses to connect the body and mind! Ommm…


My cast iron skillet is one of my favourite kitchen items. Here are 5 reasons why it not only rocks, but it’s one of the greenest choices for non-stick cookware!

Check out this red lentil & roasted carrot spread! Yum!

I find most white potatoes boring but I’ll definitely try these parmesan roasted potatoes!

Here’s why I’ve begun the switch to drinking lemon water (albeit I still drink coffee in the morning)!

This is a pretty cool article about powerful food combinations!

I LOVE taco dips and here’s a low-fat version!


Seriously, you gotta check this out if, like me, you could spend hours staring at cute things. It’s real-time footage of a Petite Lap GIRAFFE!!! Hopefully you’ll get to spot him! He’s so cute! And TINY!!! Totally! Giraffe-Cam!!!


I agree to every single one of these 30 things to stop doing to yourself! Just stop it!

Such an amazing list of 30 habits that will change your life. I can attest that many of these have indeed changed mine (I can’t give you a number one favourite but eight hours of sleep is definitely up there!)

I love this! It’s a daily schedule for happiness!


Don’t click here click here if you kinda-sorta actually want an excuse to not work out…


Photo Credit: From Sassy To Classy

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