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 For most of last week I spent my work days sitting out on our back patio set as we had been experiencing above normal temperatures in Ontario and sitting out there, breathing in the warm air and hearing the birds chirping like mad, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I am so grateful to be able to live the life that I lead, I am grateful to run a business I love with support from my loved ones. I’m grateful for a healthy body that, just a few years ago I never even remotely considered I would have. I am grateful that I have family and friends who are loving, supportive and so incredibly encouraging of my dreams. I am just so damned grateful!

When was the last time you sat down and thought about what you’re grateful for? Sure things get rough in life and crap happens that we never anticipated but you have a choice to either respond in a miserable, negative way or be joyful and positive, dealing with the situation instead of merely responding to it. Today, be grateful that you can make these choices and exercise that muscle on a daily basis!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


Bored with your workout? Here are over 100 free workouts!

I don’t know about you but I sit in front of my computer for ridiculous lengths of time almost every day. Here are some great stretches for tight hips and sore lower backs – perfect for people who sit at a desk all day!


Want to know what the world’s healthiest foods are? Now you know!

Love watermelon? Here are a bajillion watermelon recipes! I’ve always wanted to try the watermelon, black olive and feta salad!

Love french fries but don’t like the “fried” part? Here’s a recipe for baked french fries!

Buying spice blends at the grocery store can be pricey, here are several blends you can make at home with your existing spices! I am so excited to make the Chinese Five Spice! It’s my favourite blend!

Need so spice up your boring old cauliflower? Try this Lemon-Truffle Roasted cauliflower recipe!

General Health

Not getting enough sleep? Here’s some more possible evidence that lack of sleep may mean you’ll eat more throughout the day! Gah! GET YOUR SLEEP!

Well here’s something that’s sure to cause some controversy. A mom puts her 7 year-old on a diet!

We’re now a week into spring which means allergy season is starting! Here are 7 natural ways to fight them off!

For The Home

I wish I had this with my last move! There’s software out there now to make sure your move goes perfectly!

I can’t be the only one who refuses to throw out their wine corks, exclaiming to my exasperated fiancé “But I’m going to make something it with some day!” and now you just have several buckets of wine corks in your house? Well! Here are a ton of DIY wine cork crafts! These are awesome!

Do you feel like you clean one thing in your house just to turn around and find it a mess again? Here are 10 things you can do every day to stay organized!


Being miserable sucks! Here are 10 steps to mastering the art of joyful living! Go! Be joyful, dammit!

Love this one! We can always learn so much from the older generation, here are life lessons from the world’s oldest people.


Photo Credit: Sisters Running The Kitchen


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