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During the summer before I started my third year of University I decided to join Weight Watchers. My Mother was having great success with it and I was inspired so we would go to meetings together and I loved the accountability and support. Unfortunately, a few months into school I couldn’t afford to go anymore and had to stop but I did learn something from the company that has stayed with me since and one that I teach all of my clients: The 10% Rule.

The 10% Rule means that you focus only on 10% of your weight loss at any given time. In other words, if you have 100 pounds to lose, instead of focusing on losing all 100 pounds you would just focus on 10 pounds at a time. When you start focusing on 10% of your weight at a time, you immediately eliminate the overwhelm of weight loss and you experience more accomplishment throughout the process.

At the time I began losing weight for the last time I knew I had, roughly, 120 pounds to lose. 120 pounds! Anytime I would think of that I would begin to feel anxious and a bit scared. Did I have what it takes to lose that much weight? How long will it take? Will it stay off? How hard is it going to be? All of these questions would flood into my brain and I would then get so overwhelmed that I would procrastinate on doing anything to get me started! Then I remembered the 10% rule and I started to map out on a thermometer what that 10% was and stuck it on the fridge. Although I knew that my overall goal was about 120 pounds, I would just start to focus my efforts on losing 12 pounds at a time. 12 pounds is a hell of a lot easier to digest than 120, don’t you think?!

It seems like such a simple concept but man is it a powerful one! Even if you have 10 – 20 pounds to lose, focusing on just 10% of that will go a long way to keep your sanity and to keep you focused. Long term goals are great but short term goals give you a sense of urgency which creates more of a drive and focus to reach it!

When you create your thermometer and map out your 10%, give yourself some rewards! My absolute favourite is to buy a couple of packets of face masks from the drug store, they’re only a couple of dollars a piece and I’ll stock up when they’re on sale. Then, I’ll focus on getting to my next 10% goal and when I get there, I reward myself with an at-home spa night with a wonderful shower with all of my favourite products (I don’t have a tub!), face mask, manicure, pedicure and either a fun movie or a good book. Really inexpensive and sooooo luxurious! Whatever you decide as your reward, also write that down on your thermometer for added incentive.

Don’t allow the enormity of a number keep you from your goals! Focus on your 10% and before you know it, that goal weight won’t seem so overwhelming at all!


Photo Credit: Tennille Boseman


  1. You know, I have probably heard this a million times, but I don’t think I’ve ever really *considered* what it truly means! So I have about 40 pounds, that means I should be focusing on only 4 freaking pounds. I can LOSE 4 pounds…but 40 sounds like a ridiculous number. Wow…I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get that concept – but you have helped me turn the page, woman!!! You ROCK!!!! Here’s to 4 pounds in the next month. I can do that…why yes, I can!

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