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I’m currently in week 1 of a spring detox to  help me flush out my liver so that my thyroid can better metabolize the cholesterol in my system (I’ve got crappy cholesterol). My nutritionist has given me a plan to do this that is making me go mostly dairy free, soy free and gluten free which not something I’ve ever done before! Thankfully I’ve noticed that, due to my already healthy lifestyle there’s not too much of a change to be had other than being careful about gluten. This means doing something I do well: RESEARCH! I’ve been doing a lot of research about gluten-free living so that I can make sure that family dinners aren’t too much of a stretch for my fiancé but I think that, in the end, we’ll BOTH benefit from detox so this week I’ve added a few gluten free and vegan recipes from my research!




Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week



Interested in trying yoga but never have before? Here’s a primer to get you started! Trust me, once you start, you’ll never stop!

If you’ve been around the block when it comes to yoga, here’s an awesome site where you can actually get customized yoga workouts! So cool!

Ever wonder how many calories you burn while doin’ the nasty? Well, now you’ll now! This article makes me laugh because it honestly thinks that we’d do push-ups while having sex and go into downward dog while, well, doing “other” things with your man. Of course, if you’re using sex as your main form of cardio, well, good luck to ya!



This is a great way to illustrate what “health washing” means. Here are 6 seemingly “healthy” ingredients that you should probably forgo!

So this may not be the healthiest of sites but if you’ve got a man at home who wants to learn to cook, Cooking Comically will help teach them to cook and give ’em a laugh!

Here’s a fantastic way to bring salad to work with you without having to bring a bunch of different containers with you! Genius!

If you’re looking for some gluten free snack ideas, here are 30 of ’em!

Mmm… falafels with tahina! This is a great Friday night dinner with the family recipe!

Need a quick but healthy sugar fix? Try Angela’s chocolate cherry  energy bites, she never steers me wrong!

Vegan Apple Nachos… ’nuff said!


Life Stuff

Life’s hard enough, here are 25 ways to make it easier!

LOVE this! Here’s a handy guide to have around when you’re wondering: “Should I buy that gift?

If this site doesn’t help you smile when you’re having a bad day you just may be dead!


Smart Stuff

Is there anything Richard Branson isn’t involved with? Aside from taking folks with loads of cash up into space with Virgin Galactic or diving into the ocean with Virgin Oceanic, his newest venture is Virgin Volcanic which will take people (starting with Tom Hanks!) into the deep, hot crevices of some wickedly awesome volcanoes! Love it!

It looks as if our brain may be hardwired to protect us from negative outcomes, this is why, although people claim the apocalypse could happen this December, you really don’t believe it.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to my falafel recipe. It reminds me that it’s been a while since I’ve made them. I think I’m going to have to start soaking some chickpeas! :)


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