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I’m sick. Yes, I know, poor me! Please send me some vegan gluten-free soup and the entire sixth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and I’ll be eternally grateful! Actually, as far as colds go, this one really isn’t anything to write home about. Mostly it’s just a congested nose but it’s still put a damper on my day-to-day activities. I always find that I’d rather be sitting around on the couch doing very little when I’m sick and I think that’s our body’s way of telling us we need to rest so that it can fight off the virus but life still happens and work still needs to get done. I just promise I won’t work very hard until after my cold goes away!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week



This site is seriously cool for all you runners out there! It’s called and what you do is type in your typical minute per kilometre and it spits out a playlist that will keep the beat to your pace! How awesome is that?! Endless hours of running fun!

When I get sick I always find myself wondering if I should work out or if I should just rest up. Well, here’s a handy guide if you’re not sure what the heck you should do!

Want to try Zumba but aren’t sure what to expect? Well, now you know! Go! Dance! Have fun!



I know I’m not the only one who gets sick of salads easily, right? Thanks to Oprah, we now have 45 variations on the salad! Eat up!

Craving some chicken nuggets? Ditch the golden arches and try this healthier option instead!

Looking to get the most bang for your health buck? Here are 7 superfoods to eat for a health boost!

Grilled avocado with strawberry-mango salsa… need I say more? I thought not.

I could really go for this amazing sounding creamy roasted tomato and basil soup right about now!


General Health

This is a powerful TED talk by Mark Bittman talking about what’s wrong with what we eat.

Smart Stuff

This is pretty neat! 9 human behaviours that still can’t be explained!


Life Stuff

Feeling, um, less than friendly? Here are 4 ways to be kind when you don’t feel like it!

Not much of a talker when it comes to social engagements? Here’s how to start a conversation and stay out of the awkward zone.

Boundaries are something that many people either have too much of or not enough! Here’s a neat guide to learning how to know and trust your boundaries.


Photo Credit: TSM Interactive


  1. That thing is way cool!!!!


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    Things I Love Tuesdays

    I am a life time star rider and I used to be loving the sport until the final update. Cause for the reason that up date I can’t get on the sport to do my quest or care for my horses.

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