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Are you on Pinterest yet? This is a site that has exploded in just the last few months really and is pretty much the best thing ever if, like me, you love to look at gorgeous photos! It’s a photo sharing site where you can create “boards” which are similar to mood boards. You can customize the boards you want to have and then start “pinning” photos to them. It’s a brilliant time waster but what it also does is inspire! Pinterest is a great place to share healthy (and not-so-healthy) recipes as well as inspirational photos to keep you motivated to work out (it’s also inspired a lot of my wedding decisions).

I thought that I would post some of my favourite fitness photos I have found on my Pinterest travels. I highly suggest making one of them your desktop wallpaper or printing a few off to put on your fridge or close to the TV to inspire and motivate you to get moving! And don’t forget to add me (!

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