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What are you doing on May 4th? Do you want to come hang out with me for the day? I’ll be attending Ignite ‘n’ Connect, the first annual conference for Toronto’s fabulous, passionate, women soulpreneurs, hosted by Positive Fabulous Women. This fabulous day combines inspiring top-notch speakers, interactive discussion circles, informative keynote panel discussions along with tons of fun little surprises. And guess what? I’m one of the circle leaders! Can I get a “Woot woot”?!

I’ll be hosting a discussion about healthy living for the busy entrepreneur. Yes, it can be done! In this circle discussion you’ll discover secrets as to how you can easily build a healthy lifestyle to better leverage your businesses and your life!

And because I love each and every one of you, if you register now and use the coupon code: LEAN50, you’ll receive $50 off your registration! In other words, you’ll get the early-bird rate even though you’re not early!

You won’t want to miss this day of inspiration, passion and absolute fabulousness so register now and let me know you’re going!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


If you want to make exercise stick, you’re going to have to learn to love it!

Getting ready for bathing suit season? Here are some great tummy toning exercises to get you looking awesome!

Here’s an interesting article about the best workout for your body type. This is great for my pear butt!

Great article about the power of positive thinking when you’re working out! Although geared towards people who like to lift weights more than cardio, you can still translate the idea over to anything you do!


I was discussing alternative calcium sources to a client the other day and within hours, this article from The Huffington Post popped up! Coincidence? I think not! I just goes to further prove that, no, milk is NOT the only way you can get mega amounts of calcium into your diet (without having to resort to pills or chews).

Ohhh!!! These look good AND healthy! Double rich chocolate protein cookies! Think I may whip some of these up this week!

I love avocado! It’s so incredibly healthy and versatile! Check out this recipe for a simple avocado pasta!

If you’re having difficulties trying to maintain a balanced meal, here are 6 steps that will help you tremendously!

If you want to be inspired on a daily basis to live a healthier life, follow inspiring people on social media! Here are the top 10 online health influencers complete with their social media links!

Mmm…smoothies! And ones that balance your body and mind are even better! Here are some handy recipes for detox smoothies you can try. Just remember that your smoothie should replace a meal or snack, it shouldn’t be in addition to what you normally eat! Smoothies can be nutritious and have plenty of health benefits but they can also contain a ton of calories! Replace your breakfast or lunch with one or have it as a snack in the afternoon!

I love beans and I love black beans the most (well, it may be tied with romano beans) so I can’t wait to try this black bean recipe from Mens Health! It just sounds so savoury!

For The Casa

The organizing diva in me is just reeling with joy looking at these 33 cool kitchen pantry design ideas! I need to organize mine (again) STAT!

Smart Stuff

How cool is this?! It’s how to forecast weather without gadgets, you know, doing it the old fashioned way! Try this at a party and amaze your guests!

These top 10 psychology studies of 2010 are really cool! If you’re looking to be happier, have more willpower, find the perfect partner or feel more powerful, apparently 2012 was the year for answers!

Awesome Stuff

Here’s a photo of a crocodile riding a hippo. ‘Nuff Said!



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