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This week is a busy one for me as I’m running around doing the finishing touches on my newest program and getting reading for tomorrow’s Ignite ‘n’ Connect conference! Because of that, I’m crazy busy so my friend Laura, co-founder of FIT CHICKS, a Canadian women’s only fitness company and all around fabulous chick, has contributed this blog entry on how to get rid of that winter weight! Enjoy and hope to see some of you tomorrow at the conference! – Therese

Top 5 Ways To Shed That Winter Weight – Chick Style!

By Laura Jackson, FIT CHICKS

Spring has sprung and we know what that means…bathing suit season is around the corner! Unfortunately, there is no magic secret for weight loss. If there was, Oprah would have conquered her weight issue and she would have told the world! Spring is actually one of the best times to start shedding the pounds. The air is getting warmer, the days are longer and the produce is plentiful. So what are you waiting for? Here are our Top 5 Tips for taking off the winter weight!

1. Eat Whole Foods

Don’t deprive yourself of food, Chicks. This will only lead to binging. Instead, focus on WHOLE, NATURAL and FRESH foods (the best for you foods don’t even have a label!). It’s really hard to overeat fruits, vegetables, beans, quinoa, eggs and lean healthy meats. Pay attention to the amount of higher calorie items you use like nuts or oils, but don’t eliminate them either!

Take advantage of the lovely fresh produce that is plentiful in the spring months. Raw vegetables are so fabulous for your health, and super low in calories and high in fibre so they will fill you up without adding to your waistline.

2. Drink Water or Herbal Teas

Do not to drink your calories. This is one of the most overlooked weight loss secrets out there!  It won’t fill you up as much as whole foods will and the calories are still there (1 small iced coffee can hold a whopping 350 calories).  Find plain water boring? Stick to herbal teas or try water with cucumber, raspberry or mint added for flavor.  Just make sure to avoid artificial sweeteners. While they may seem like a no calorie option, studies have shown that they react within your body in the same manner as sugar so you are not doing your body any good!

3. Move!

Taking bootcamp is fab, but make sure the other 23 hours a day aren’t spent on your toosh! Make an effort to be more active like walking, dancing, yoga…the activities you can take part in are endless and fun!

 4. Watch the Snacks

Healthy snacks are great, but grazing constantly will lead to overeating. Plan out snacks, focusing on whole foods and proteins like hard-boiled eggs, veggies and hummus, or a green smoothie – and don’t eat mindlessly! Keep snacks at approx 250 calories.

5. Find What Works for You

Some Chicks love having 5-6 small meals a day so they are never starving, others like the satisfaction of 3 big meals. You are unique, and your healthy eating plan won’t work for everyone so listen to your body and find what works for you.


Results don’t happen overnight. Keep moving and nourishing your body with whole foods and results will come!

So Chicks try these small changes and the results will show not only in the way you look but the way you feel – inside and out! Who doesn’t love that?!


Laura Jackson is Co Founder / Head Chick of FIT CHICKS, a Canadian based women’s only fitness company.  FIT CHICKS offers 8 week bootcamp programs at over 30 locations across Canada  as well as fitness / nutrition challenges, workshops, Zumba® by FIT CHICKS  and recently launched FIT CHICKS Gear, a line of workout clothing for women. She is Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist with Canfit Pro as well as a Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor. Laura is also a fitness contributor to national publications and TV Shows such as The Huffington Post, National Post and CTV Morning Live as well as a health blogger at

Next 8 week sessions start on May 7th, please visit, call 1-877- F1- CHICK or follow us on Twitter @fitchicks for all locations and registration.


Photo Credit: Redbook

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