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“If you don’t believe you have the right to be here, there will never be enough space for your true self to show up. If you think you need to earn your actual desires, you’re putting miles, years, between you and fulfillment. So many of us don’t even give ourselves permission to want what we want. This is the great tragedy of a malnourished spirit.” – Danielle LaPorte


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week



Well ain’t this just the handiest thing I’ve stumbled across in a while! It’s a list of tutorials on exercise techniques and equipment thanks to the American Council on Exercise!

Interesting in doing some high intensity interval training (aka HIIT)? Here’s what you need to know to do it effectively and safely!

As we age, our risk of getting osteoporosis increases. Here are some great exercises to help combat it and make you nice and strong!


I am obsessed with hummus and recently tried a commercial version of avocado hummus which I promptly had to hide or else I’d eat the entire container! Unfortunately for me, here’s a recipe for homemade avocado hummus that I’ll be making STAT and pretty soon you’ll find me hiding in a corner, green and STUFFED with hummus!

If, like me, you’re having to save a few bucks (for, say, like a wedding that’s happening in five months), here are 15 ways to eat healthy on a budget. So no more complaining that eating healthy is too expensive!

Need to spice up your daily veggie intake? Here are a bunch of recipes to make your veggies drool worthy!

General Health

Are you eating fast-food salads? Guess what? It’s still fast-food! These salads are not as healthy as you think they are!

I’m heartened to hear that Loblaws is planning to remove artificial colours and flavours in all of their President’s Choice products by 2013!

Your kitchen is one of the germiest places in the kitchen and keeping it clean is essential to making sure you and your family are eating safely. Here are 10 simple cleaning habits you can incorporate to keep your kitchen (and food) safe from all that yuckiness!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

Want to shine at your next dinner party? Try these 8 keys to instant charisma.

I don’t know about you but I’m finding that a LOT of my friends are pretty stressed these days. If you’re one of them, check out these ten affordable ways to de-stress.

Think your life is lacking a little oomph? Looking to spice things up? Here are 11 ways to build an extraordinary life! I think these tips are awesome!

For The Casa

Have you ever washed your reusable shopping bags? I didn’t think so. Here’s why you might want to!

I am all OVER this one! Make your own “Clorox” wipes! Also in this post, I want to make my own liquid laundry detergent!

I’m a freak for environmentally friendly cleaning products although I admit I don’t actually make them as much as I buy them. I just might change my mind though, here are several eco-cleaning products you can make at home!


Photo Credit: Conscious Divas

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