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I’m a month into my nutritionist-prescribed liver detox and, as this is my first ever detox I’ve learned quite a few things! Not only am I feeling lighter, have softer skin, more energy and even lost a few pounds, I’m also finding that my emotional levels are also improving. I have found that I’m taking more active steps to managing my stress and getting back to my spiritual side. For most of my life I worked almost exclusively on the inner me. I was very spiritual for most of my teens and the better half of my twenties, almost completely neglecting the outer me. When I realized that I needed to make a change, I admit to taking it to the other extreme: I focused exclusively on the outer me. Although I made great strides with my self-talk and way of seeing life, I neglected my spiritual side. Going through this detox has brought this up and left me with an almost urgent need to tip the scales toward the centre. I always say that health is more than just diet and exercise, it’s the health of your body, mind and soul.

Do you know of an imbalance with any (or all) of these three? If so, contact me today and let’s discuss ways we can close the gap to create a more balanced life!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week



Did you know that exercising can make you smarter?! Is there anything fitness can’t do?!

Want to get the best ab bang for your buck? Here are the 6 best ab exercises of all time (according to The Huffington Post anyway). Notice that the traditional crunch is NOT part of it!


Seriously?! Avocado egg salad?! Yes, please!

Have some leftover chicken to spare? Why not make this delicious looking chicken caprese for dinner tonight?

I may pass on the above chicken for dinner tonight but guess what I am having? This amazing quinoa, garbanzo, & spinach salad with smoke paprika dressing!

I don’t really cook meat that often so I find that when I do, I get so nervous that I’ve under or overcooked it! Well, I found the solution: here’s a finger test to check the doneness of meat!

Did you know that olive oil isn’t the best oil for stir-fry? My favourite stir-fry oil is grapeseed!

General Health

We all know that sleeping is essential to our physical, mental and spiritual health but most of us either don’t get enough or we spend the night tossing and turning. Here are 17 ways to improve on getting your shut-eye.

For The Casa

I’ve been hearing about using Borax for years but I admit I’ve never bothered to give it a shot. I think that’s all about to change after I read this article on 25 household uses for borax!

Downright Shameful

Will it ever end?! Will Hollywood ever stop ruining my childhood?! They’re seriously going to make a Paddington bear movie?!?! My soul has just died a little… I need to go cuddle with my Paddington…

How To Be Your Awesome Self

Feeling a little out of sorts with your life? Here are 50 creative questions to create the life you really want.

I love life hacks (as you’ve probably noticed by now), here are 25 more clever ideas to make life easier.

Stressed? Feeling a bit restless these days? If there’s one thing I can highly recommend that will calm you down and bring you clarity it’s calming your mind for a few minutes. To help you out, here’s a beginners guide on how to meditate!

Are you a morning lover? Do you want to be a morning lover? Here are 33 ways to start your day and I love all of them (except for the email one – please, leave your email be for at least the first two hours of your morning)!


Photo Credit: Wellicious

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