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Is it me or is nothing better than a shower after a hard workout? Seriously, you go in feeling grimy, sweaty and dirty and come out feeling squeaky clean, your oxygen levels are through the roof thanks to your workout and you walk out of the bathroom feeling like a brand new person.

Obviously this means I’m sitting here stinky and sweaty from my workout, waiting for my fiancé to get out of the shower.

Enjoy this weeks health links!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


Do you consistently set the machines to the “fat burning zone”? Here’s why you shouldn’t and 9 other health and fitness myths you still believe.

Work out with a friend or partner? Here are 35 kick-ass partner exercises!

If you’re gunning to get a killer bod, you may want to pay attention to these fitness experts! In this article they give you their top tips for getting the body you want and I bet you’ll be surprised that few of them talk about actual workouts!

Your form is THE most important part of ANY workout. If your form sucks, you’ll not only be doing your workout inefficiently but you also put yourself at risk for injury! The traditional lunge is one of the most notorious moves for bad form so here is how to do the perfect lunge!


It’s getting to be BBQ season which means we’re entertaining more at my house. Next time I’m definitely going to be making these rosemary roasted nuts!

Stuck on what to make for dinner? Here are 50 healthy recipes to get the wheels in your brain moving!

General Health

Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine” and although I know he meant we should eat well, here are some kitchen cures that doctors swear by. Was my Dad the only one who slapped on a milk soaked piece of bread to a wound? That being said, he’s not exactly a doctor…

It makes me both pissed off and sad how companies are continuously trying to health wash the public. Really, 7-Eleven? A low-calorie slurpee? A slurpee is still a slurpee!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

I highly believe that if you want to know yourself better, ask yourself questions that make ya go “hmmm…” (oh C & C Music Factory, I miss you!) To help you out, here are 25 beautifully illustrated thought-provoking questions!

This is one of my favourite articles of the week! We all have something about ourselves that we don’t like or feel is at the core of our issues. But, and hear me out, what if your greatest insecurities reveal your deepest gifts? The power of reframing is such a powerful tool and this article is just beautiful! So, what are YOUR deepest gifts?

Feeling foggy and forgetful? Here are some tips to boost brain power and memory!

Smart Stuff

This is my second favourite find of the week! As a life-long learner, I swooned when I found these 12 dozen places to education yourself online for free! You may not get a degree but you’ll be just as smart! I do so love the internet!

Ever wanted to know why crackers have holes in them? Or why milk is white? Here are 12 fascinating food facts that will answer those questions and more!


Are your date nights getting stale? Try these 12 cheap date nights to get your spark back!

Cool People

Okay, this is the BEST video and what I think my 7 year-old niece must have felt when she started riding her bike without training wheels just a couple of months ago! Watch this little kid give an epic speech after his first bike ride! This kid is awesome!


Photo Credit: Tourism Concern

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