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Alan and I have lived in our house for almost three years now. When we moved in, we inherited his Great Aunt’s garden. Normally this would be a great thing but, unfortunately for us, Great Aunt Anne was getting too old in life to be able to upkeep her garden in what seemed like a millennia! It was like its own ecosystem back there! You’d spend two hours weeding a 2×2 patch of ground and the next day it would be like you never touched it at all!

Last year we gave up trying to do it by hand, wrangled the family over to help and ended up with a brand new backyard complete with six, beautiful four 4×2 cedar planter boxes. We didn’t have enough time left in the summer to plant anything in them so we had to wait until this year.

Well! It’s here! It’s here! Alan and I went out the other week and bought a ton of veggies and spend a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon planting our veggies and our happiness! You’ve never seen two grown people so content before! Whereas this time last year I couldn’t stand to go out into the backyard due to the eyesore of a “garden”, this year we can’t get enough! I’m out there daily and Alan treats the new grass and plants like they’re his children!

Cheers to a bountiful summer and I’ll let you know when our veggie stand opens in front of the house!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


Lookin’ for a challenge that’ll make you ripped? Why not try the 200 sit-up challenge? If you do, I want before and after photos!

If, like me, your work consists of staring at a computer for a good chunk of the day, you may want to try these 33 ways to exercise at work. Remember that just because you work out for an hour a day, your risk of cardiovascular disease remains high if you work a desk job so get up and get moving!

Running is such an awesome way to get in your cardio but if you want to run without injuries, you’re going to need proper shoes. Although I suggest heading over to your local running store (NOT your local sports store) to get properly fitted, here’s a really handy guide on how to choose the right running shoes for you.

We all know that your metabolism is key to managing your weight. If you have a low metabolism or one that’s been messed up from years of yo-yo dieting, here are some exercises that boost your metabolism and will get you fit and healthy in no time!

If you’re stuck for time and use that as your excuse as to why you don’t work out, guess what? It’s a bad excuse! You can start here with 5 ways to fit fitness into your day, now get that excuse out of your vocabulary and just get movin’, m’kay?


Summer weather equals summer cocktails! My favourite! But most of the traditional cocktails out there can contain anywhere from 240 – 800 calories per glass! But don’t despair! You can still have your summer and drink it, too! Here are 9 warm-weather low calorie cocktails!

Is there anything better than guacamole? I didn’t think so! Until I saw a recipe for grilled guacamole! I’ve just died a little, I can’t wait to try this out!

If you’re feeling a little fatigued these days, you may want to try these 25 energy-boosting foods. Remember, the cleaner you eat, the more energy you’ll get!

General Health

It’s farmers market season!!!! *throws confetti into the air* Obviously, this excites me to no end! Did you know that my local market also has a guy who comes every week and makes 100% fresh fruit smoothies with no additives? It’s my treat every time I go! But I digress, if you’re new to the farmers market scene, here are 10 tips to shop smart at the farmers market!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

This article kinda speaks for itself: Top 10 Self-Control Strategies. Note that these strategies still require you to do work! There’s no magic bullet here, folks! Just practice, practice, practice!

LOVE iVillage’s 30 days, 30 ways to build better self confidence! I can attest the effectiveness of most of those with my own confidence!

Most of our life’s stresses are due to tolerations. We tolerate so much crap that after a while we forget that we’re tolerating it! Here are 12 critical things you should never tolerate and I highly suggest you start at the top and work your way down. Trust me, you’ll thank the author of the article and me for pushing you to do it, when it’s all said and done and your blood pressure is the lowest its ever been!

Have you always wanted to be one of those people that other people can’t get enough of? Here are 10 ways to become more charismatic!

Speaking of charisma, Will Smith has always been the kind of guy that women love and men want to be. Well, there’s a reason for it! Check out the way this man THINKS! He’s proof that your thoughts equal your actions!

For The Casa

Always wanted to be a women who knows how to properly set a table? Now you can! So off with you! Go be fancy pants! Just don’t say “fancy pants” at your next dinner party or exclaim to your guests “LOOK! Look how fancy I am!!!” ‘Cause then they’ll see right through you and know you’re just a regular old Suzanne Sugarbaker and not Julia Sugarbaker after all!

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