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Do you feel confident in a tank top? Are your shorts still riding up at the crotch? Is your current fitness regime boring you? Do you want to improve your fitness? If you said yes to any of these, get ready! Starting Monday, June 25th I’m going to challenge you for 30 days to get as fit as you possibly can! This challenge is exclusive to Facebook fans so if you want to hear more about it, make sure you head over to my Facebook page, “like” it and get ready to transform your body!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


Bored of your workout? Check out this exercise video library and you’ll never be bored (but you’ll most certainly be ripped) again!

That being said, are you still not working out? There are a bazillion reasons why you should be getting off your arse and sweating and here are 12 tips for getting regular exercise and the benefits for happiness and fitness.

Can I tell you a secret? Push-ups are my weak spot. I can only do a few on my toes before I have to do them modified! That being said, because of this, I’m working hard to improve! But for those of you who are awesome at push-ups and need a challenge, here are 3 types of push-ups you can do anywhere at any time!

Hopefully you understand that you can sweat your ass off every day but if you’re neglecting your nutrition, it won’t mean a thing (if you didn’t, well, now you do). But there are also foods that you may be eating before, during and after that may affect the quality of your efforts. Here are 20 foods that could ruin your workout!


Need to spice up your salmon? Check out this recipe for grilled maple mustard salmon! Holy mouthwatering, Batman!

I don’t know about you but I can get sick of salads quite easily. I’m always looking for new combinations of veggies and dressings to keep them exciting so here are 17 new ways to enjoy leafy greens!

Ever wondered how to make inside-out sushi? You know, where the rice is on the outside? Well maybe I’m the only one who’s wondered but just in case I’m not alone, here’s how to make California rolls.

Are you a salsa fan? I am, I absolutely love salsa and it’s also an incredibly healthy swap to a lot of other toppings and sauces. I use salsa on veggie burgers, potatoes, as a salad dressing and as a dessert! If you haven’t tried fruit salsa, you have no idea what you’ve been missing! Try this recipe for fruit salsa and serve with either the tortilla chips mentioned or try and find Food Should Taste Good Chocolate chips! It’s an amazing combo!

It’s officially BBQ season! I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to experimenting on the grill a lot this summer and I’m going to start here, with 40 summer BBQ ideas! Party at my place!

Does this summer tomatoes, corn, crab & avocado salad not sound absolutely refreshing?! That’s sure to be a hit at a summer potluck!

For The Casa

I’ve always had a love for essential oils. I find most alcohol based fragrances too strong and you’d be amazed at the health, beauty and household uses for oils! Here are 10 uses for essential oils to get you start! Also? If you’re battling a nasty cold or allergies and are really congested, mix a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil into a bit of your favourite unscented lotion and rub it on your chest. It acts just like a vapour rub! I’ll also keep the oil on my night stand, just a little whiff will help to clear your sinuses!

Inspiring Stuff

Okay, so this is pretty damned awesome! 11 year-old with cerebral palsy runs race. Kids really are amazing!

Got a few minutes (or hours) to kill? Do you need a quick pick-me-up? These 99 tiny stories to make you think, smile & cry live up to their promise. It’s like a mini Chicken Soup For The Soul for when you’re feeling blue!

Fun Stuff

I love knowing what former child stars are up to these days with “normal” jobs. Even better are Hollywood’s fittest former child stars! Ahhh!!! Jonathan Lipnicki (the cutie kid from the movie Jerry Maguire) is so grown up now! And ripped to boot!


Photo Credit: Weight Watchers

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