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I’d love to say that brides want to look amazing on their wedding day for their fiancé’s but we all know that’s bull, our fiancé’s are marrying us because they love us as we are. The truth is that, as brides, our whole lives we’ve been conditioned to think and dream about our wedding day. This is the day where all eyes are on us and, especially, on how we look.

This adds a lot of pressure on an already stressful situation and if you’re an overweight bride, all the more so. A lot of women end up gaining weight before their wedding because they’re so stressed out that they turn to food to cope and then get even more upset because they want so badly to not gain weight. It turns into a vicious cycle so that, instead of enjoying the ride and, especially, enjoying their day, they become so body conscious that it’s all they can think of.

It’s because of this that from the time we get engaged to the day of our wedding we become obsessed with losing the weight we’ve been trying to get off for years. Recently it’s come out that some women become so desperate that they resort to feeding tubes to shed the pounds. This is ridiculous, stupid and so incredibly dangerous. I know we want to look our best but absolutely nothing is so important that we need to jeopardize our health so that we take a nice picture.

That being said, I ain’t no hypocrite! When I got engaged back in July I figured this was as good a time as any to see if I can make it to my goal weight by my wedding. Although if I got married today I’d be perfectly happy to do it in the body I’m in, but I’m nothing if not a goal-setter so this decision actually has less to do with my wedding and more to do with a convenient excuse for me to bust my already shrinking butt. But herein lies the catch: I’d already been actively losing weight! I didn’t just get engaged and decide, that very day, that I was going to eat right, exercise 7 days a week and look like a super model for my wedding day. I already had the habits set in place for successful weight loss!

So let’s get real for a moment, shall we?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight for your wedding. There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with NOT wanting to lose weight for your wedding! So when it comes to weight loss and your big day, let’s just take a deep breath and allow me to share 4 (hopefully) helpful tips to take the pressure off:

Be Realistic

If you have a lot of weight to lose and less than a year before your wedding that’s just way too much pressure for you to get to your goal weight. I’m not saying not to try if you don’t want to, instead, I ask that you make it a goal just to do your best. No, you may not be a size 6 on your wedding day but you’ll probably a few sizes smaller which is less than where you are right now. Not to mention you’ll be healthier and the healthier you are, the better you’ll be able to deal with the stresses that can arise from organizing a wedding.

Just Do Your Best

In fact, make “I’ll do my best” your mantra! That’s what I’ve done and it’s working out quite well. When I first got engaged I decided that I’d see what I could do, at the time I had around 45lbs left that I had wanted to lose. I knew that with my history it was possible but it might be a stretch to do it in a year so I decided that I’d just “do my best”. Regardless of what happened, as long as I kept up my  healthy eating habits and continued to exercise, even if I didn’t make it to that goal, I’d still look healthier and happier than I did at the time. With only about 20lbs left I still tell myself that I’ll “do my best”. Is 20lbs in 3.5 months possible? HELL YES! So I’m going to give it my best but weight is a fickle thing and if I don’t make it, I’m not going to beat myself up over it because, well, I did my best like I said I would!

Hire A Professional Or Join A Class

Hire a personal trainer, coach or join a challenge. Because of all the stress that comes with organizing a wedding, this is primo (yes, I said “primo”) time to get as much support as possible so you don’t turn to food when your Aunt Millie decides she’s stopped talking to your cousin and refuses to be in the same room as him. It will also keep you accountable to your goal and can get one-on-one support if you hire a weight loss coach or personal trainer which is invaluable.

Do What’s Best For You

Lastly, you’re going to have well-meaning friends, family and strangers either supporting you whole-heartedly in your attempt to look your best or telling you that you needn’t worry because you look amazing “just the way you are”. As I said earlier, if you truly WANT to lose weight and get healthier for your wedding, DO IT! Do it regardless of who supports you and who doesn’t, this is YOUR wedding day and only you control what you do with your body. In the end, I agree, regardless of what size you are on your wedding day, as a bride, you WILL look gorgeous so if you’re looking to lose the weight, ask yourself WHY. Is it because you feel pressured or is it because this simply gives you a goal to achieve? If the idea of adding weight loss to the stress of organizing your wedding is just too much, don’t worry about it! You’re going to look stunning and it’ll be a day you’ll never forget!


If you are planning to lose weight for your upcoming wedding, don’t forget to “like” my page on Facebook! Starting on Sunday, June 24th I’ll be kicking off a 30 day fitness challenge that will help you jumpstart your weight loss!

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