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Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


I know this is of a dude but I think this video of 365 days of exercise is an awesome example of what happens to the body when you exercise over time. Keep this video in mind the next time you feel like scrapping your workouts because you don’t notice yourself changing, you are! Also? I got distracted watching the guys boxer shorts changing! Ha!

Are you interested in trying Crossfit but balk at the insane cost? Why not try this doable crossfit workout at home? Equipment needed would be a pull-up bar (we got ours at Winners), some heavy dumbbells and something heavy to push!

I’m a huge advocate for bodyweight training. The biggest reason is because machines at the gym only isolate muscles which is not what happens in every day life. In every day life, each movement we make uses a number of different muscles and bodyweight training does just that, any time you use your body as your weight, you’re utilizing a whole host of muscles! Here is a great article about the art of bodyweight training and how to progress when traditional bodyweight exercises become too easy.

There’s a lot of fitness jargon out there but none more popular these days than HIIT which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Although bloody hard, I have to say that I think it’s one of the most (if not THE most) effective ways of burning fat and getting the results you want in a short amount of time. This is because it speeds up your metabolism thus burning MORE calories throughout the day than longer, less intense workouts. So yes, you absolutely can burn MORE calories in less time! Read all about HIIT workouts here and go get sweaty! Just a word of caution, however, you’ll want to build up a good fitness base before attempting a HIIT workout because it is high intensity (it says so right there in the name of it!) and you could get injured if your body isn’t ready for it.

Think you can go head-to-head with a Marine? Check out this guide to the Marine Corps physical fitness test and see where you stand!


Do you love mushrooms as much as I do? Check out these 5 unforgettable mushroom recipes! I’d like one of each, please!

Scratching your head about what the heck a “superfood” is? Here’s a great site that demystifies superfoods and provides you with detailed information about which ones you’ll want to grab at the grocery store!

Making your own healthy popsicles are all the rage these days and for good reason: you know what you’re putting into them so get a really great, non-processed icy treat for the summer! Here’s a fun recipe on how to DIY your own frozen fruit pops without needing the fancy popsicle holders!

Do you have picky eaters for kids? Here’s how to get your kids to eat like the French! Let me know how it goes!

I’m always on the lookout for great veggie recipes for the BBQ. Not only is using the BBQ a great way to cut back on energy costs but it also reduces the heat in your house on already hot days and you can make some super healthy meals using nothing but your BBQ! Here are 18 veggie BBQ recipes to try the next time you fire up the grill!

General Health

We all know hospital food is horrid but dieticians are now saying that hospital food lack proper nutrition as well. Honestly, I’m really not shocked; cash strapped or not, hospitals have a responsibility to provide nutritious food that allows for recovery and provides a good example for how to eat properly.

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your mind, body and soul. If you’re having trouble getting in your zzzz’s, here are 50 tips and resources to help you sleep better!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

I love this article about 36 ways to be irresistibly attractive. Notice how absolutely NONE of these tips has anything to do with looks?

For The Casa

I’m a huge advocate of vinegar! This stuff probably the most amazing household item you own! It’s the ultimate cleaner and to drive home the point, here are 23 ingenious uses for white vinegar!


This comic by Cyanide & Happiness made me giggle-snort a little…


Phot Credit: ThumbPress

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