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You may recall that last month I decided to tackle Jillian Michaels’ hop-on-the-bandwagon newest 90-day workout program Body Revolution. Details on the program can be found in my intro blog as well as my initial thoughts of the first three days.

Well can you believe it? The first month is up already! I made it through working out with Jillian Michaels six days a week for four weeks!

So let’s talk about Phase 1 of the program shall we?

The first two weeks (workouts 1 & 2 + cardio 1) are designed to teach you good form so the workouts are fairly simple yet effective. She begins right away with supersets (pummelling one set of muscles back to back to back) and if you’ve never worked out a day in your life they’d probably kill you but if, like me, you have a pretty good fitness you’ll want to modify the moves to doing as many of them as advanced as you can. As soon as I started modifying the moves I started to feel it! Jillian does give you beginner, intermediate and advanced options so go with whatever will get you through it!

The last two weeks of Phase 1 (workouts 3 & 4 + cardio 1) kick it up a notch. Jillian starts to incorporate combination lifts which she is famous for. Combination lifts are when you incorporate two sets of lifts into one move, for example starting in a squat and immediately stand up and go into an overhead press. This type of move creates Peripheral Heart Action (going from lower body to upper body) which blasts up your heart rate and burns the calories. Jillian’s mix of supersets and combo lifts are famous and she incorporates them into every workout she creates and I LOVE them! This is how you can do more in less time! Cardio and strength in one workout!

Anyway, like I said weeks 3 and 4 start to burn right away. I still had to modify a few moves (especially the lunges) to make them more advanced but there were a few that were starting to become too difficult for me to modify.

With all four workouts my body has been wonderfully sore for the first week and then it got used to it. When I moved on to workouts 3 and 4 I was sore again for the first week and was still a wee bit sore last week but not as much. This is one of the things I love about this program, when you only do any two workouts for two weeks before moving on your body NEVER gets used to it and is constantly being asked to improve and adapt. It also keeps you from getting bored which is so easy in a three month program.

Now onto the goods! I admit that my weight hasn’t actually changed this month. Okay. That’s a downright lie. It has changed. It’s gone up! I won’t pretend to figure out why but it has. The good news is that I’ve also measured myself and I’ve lost 8 whopping inches in just four weeks! That’s about 2 inches per week, so no, you won’t be hearing me complain at all! Alan’s noticed more definition in my shoulders, we’ve both seen a tennis ball emerging from my biceps and I’m noticing a wicked definition in my quads.

I’ve just started Phase 2 of the program and, let’s just say that I’m going to be crying from hurt tomorrow!


Photo Credit: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Official Website


  1. AWESOME review!!!! Can’t wait to see what kind of pain and torture…er, I mean FUN, month two brings you! 😉

    And holy freaking cow – 8″ in four weeks!!!!!! Amazing!

  2. Your weight went up just like many people who do P90X because the fat is being replaced with muscle which weighs more for the same amount of space it takes up. Plus, muscle burns fat and calories.

    Congratulations on the awesome inches lost.


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