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This past weekend I celebrated my 33rd birthday and I started the day with some birthday oats (as pictured above). I’m not one of those health and wellness people who never eat cake or only have a wee slice, once a year. I love me some cake and considering I never have cake just for the heck of it, I never say no to a slice at a birthday party! This year, however, we were tasting cupcakes for our wedding and I ended up having nine, NINE mini-cupcakes, all of which were amazingly scrumptious. But by the time we were done we were all lying about in our backyard in various forms of sugar comas and moaning about the need for vegetables. So my workouts have been a little extra intense this week and I was a lot more interested in finding you all some great healthy links! I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. Happy reading!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you have to forgo your workout. The key is to make each and every minute count by pushing the intensity of your workouts. The next time you find yourself scrambling for a workout, why not try the workouts from There are beginner-friendly as well as advanced workouts to choose from so there are no excuses!  I’ll admit, though, I think I’ve watched five of these workouts just to watch Sean get sweaty!

Oh look! Another way to get in a new workout without having to go to the gym or us fancy equipment! Imagine that. Fitness Blender isn’t just a weird sounding name for a website (can you imagine all of that neon and those wrist bands swirling around?), it’s also a neat place to get in custom workouts for whichever body part you want to buff up.

Remember that scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day when you see Sarah Connor doing a workout in her psych cell? Remember those awesome pull-ups and how bad-ass she looked? Want to get that body without having to go seemingly insane or by robbing a bank? Try The Prison Workout workout at home and get intimidating without the record!


I love pesto! It’s such a healthy and yummy alternative to most other dressings and now pesto’s just gotten even healthier! Here’s an easy kale pesto recipe!

I think steak lovers are part of a steak cult. I mean, steak lovers love their steak! And just because it’s a red meat doesn’t mean you have to axe it from your healthy diet! Here are 9 healthy steak recipes for you to enjoy and love! Steak lovers unite!

Don’t have much time to cook or need something easy for your weekly batch cooking? Try these super-easy 5-ingredient soups! Most don’t take more than 10 – 30 minutes to make! Woo hoo!

If you’re looking for something to do with all the cheap zucchini you spontaneously bought at the farmer’s market, check out this recipe for Italian Zucchini Boats! Although they do say it’s a great vegetarian main dish, you’d want to swap out the chicken broth for veggie broth if you’re picky…

General Health

Here’s an interesting blog post. The blogger decided to spend a day as a quintessential 1950’s housewife to see the gap in activity between women in the ’50’s and women today. Turns out, 1950s housewives were kept quite slim by burning off calories with housework!

Not shockingly, a report has come out saying that the Western diet is tied to heart risks in Asia, more specifically it’s Western fast food that’s causing this increase. Ugh. Fast food is NOT FOOD, stop eating it! This is one aspect of American culture that has got to go.

If you’re an organized freak like myself then you must probably love charts and graphs, am I right? If so, here are some free exercise charts and logs you can use to track everything from your workouts to blood pressure to your golf score!

Are you guilty of any of these 20 habits that make you fat? I can personally attest to almost all of these habits back in my bigger days!

For The Casa

We’ve all seen the rise in popularity of wall decals for the house but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Here’s a new look at the wall! These are so cool!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

Do you have a nasty habit of comparing yourself to others at the gym? Here’s a great look at what’s most likely going on in the minds of those you’re comparing yourself to in The Onion’s At The Gym: Who is Looking at Whom.

Self-confidence seems to be akin to searching for the Holy Grail for many people but what better way to learn how to gain it than to learn from people who have it! Here are 25 killer actions to boost your self-confidence by the internet’s favourite minimalist, Leo Babauta.

Tired of not ever seeming to get things done? Here are 50 tricks to get things done faster, better, and more easily. I’ve done several of these tricks and they’ve worked amazing for me (especially the trick that says there are no secrets! You want something done? Get it done!).


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