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Above my desk there’s a 4×4 white notecard posted to my bulletin board. I got it when I attended Danielle LaPorte’s book launch for The Fire Starter Sessions. The words on it are simple yet profound (just like Danielle). Three lines, printed in black:

be generous.

seek freedom.

let it be easy.

Some days I see this and I just keep going about my day. Other times, like today, I look at it and just stare. I always find that during times like these my breathing becomes more even; I hadn’t even realized my breathing was shallow. My shoulders relax and my mind stops racing. It’s like an insta-massage and life becomes easier to manage.

These words have become quite a mantra for me over the last few months and are beginning to infuse themselves into my every day life. I think about these words any time I’m wigging out. Like this past Sunday when Alan and I sat down and spent three hours going through our wedding plans. With less than two months to go, this wedding is starting to become a full time job and, if I let it, I could easily spiral into a world of overwhelm. Instead, we figured out which items could be delegated and to whom. We remembered that, although we want to do it ourselves, there are loved ones who want to help us. In other words, we decided to be generous to our loved ones, we sought freedom from what was previously holding us down and we just, well, let it be easy.

I do this with my clients all the time in regards to their weight loss with great success. My clients, simply by coming to me, are seeking freedom from their current out-of-control lifestyle and this underlies our entire coaching relationship. Secondly, because weight loss has traditionally been really difficult in the past, we work on making these new, healthy habits easier to implement. In fact, every client I’ve had has told me that it’s been quite easy to lose weight while working with me. Finally, my clients always feel like they’re in this by themselves but then they quickly realize how much support they have from family and friends. People who are rooting for them to be happy and healthy. In turn, they become more confident in themselves and wind up becoming so incredibly generous to others in their lives because they’ve attained the freedom to be themselves that they have more to give.

How are you generous in your life? Where do you seek freedom? What do you do to let your life become easier?

Life is only has hard as you make it.

Choose your hard. Make it easier. Make your life happen.


  1. definitely needed to see this one today!!!

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