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Like everyone else in the world, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Olympics over the last two weeks and I’m so sad to know that they’re over for another few years! The only event that I never miss are the men’s and women’s marathon and this year was a bit painful because I don’t have cable so I’ve had to live stream the events. This means that for two Sunday’s in a row I got up at ten to six in the morning to flip on the coffee pot, grab a quick breakfast and then sit for two hours, watching people run. I think only other runs would sit for two hours watching people run. That being said, it really inspired me to get back out on the road, running again when I’ve been off the pavement since last fall!

Did the Olympics inspire you to do something you haven’t done in a while or to start something you’ve always wanted to do?


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week



Looking to get a nice ass? What a stupid question, of course you are! Here are some really effective moves to sculpt a better butt!

I’m always up for doing everything I can to get you off yer keester and moving so just in case you’re still languishing about mulling over your workout, here are 40 (yes, I said 40) things you can do to get motivated to work out.

Are you in Toronto from August 16 – 19? What a coincidence, so am I! If you’re wondering what to do, why not hit up the CanFitPro International Fitness and Club Business Conference and Trade Show (they really need to get a better name)? You don’t have to have to be a fitness professional to come and you can catch some amazing workshops, seminars and fitness classes! I’ll be there on Thursday and Friday helping out and then on Saturday just to play!

Oh! I think I have a fav article for the week here! It’s Best Health’s 7 golden rules of fitness. These are indeed golden! Like, pirate tooth golden!


Love milkshakes but hate the grody, bloaty, tummy issues that can come with it? Here’s a healthy “milk”shake recipe that’ll have you jumping through hoops to make!

Want to bring a dip to your next “thang” that gets people talking? Try this recipe for Trina’s low-sugar fresh cranberry salsa with cilantro, lime, and jalapeño! This looks fantastic and will put my jalapeño plant to good use!

Okay, I don’t always give you sugary-goodness recipes so I’m making up for it right now with this awesome no-bake Oreo cookie recipe! This sucker is healthy and RAW to boot so you’ll feel good giving them to everyone you know!

Oh! I think I know what’s going to be on your tasty menu this week! Make this rigatoni with sausage, artichokes, and asparagus for dinner and watch your family begin to magically love veggies!

General Health

Confused about organics? Although I’d obviously tell you just to play it save and buy ALL organic, I know that for most it’s just not feasible. Here’s a handy-dandy infographic that will help when you’re wondering when is it worth buying organic?

Feelin’ a little low on energy? Give these top 5 ways to double your energy (without caffeine) a shot and let me know how it goes! It’s worth noting, however, that I’m writing this sentence in between sips of coffee…

For The Casa

Okay, so this is pretty super awesome! How to create a watermark tee with just some fabric dye and glue! I can totally see me making this!

Want a garden but have a black thumb? Try this awesome sight, SproutRobot which will tell you exactly when to plant your seedlings and how to take care of them! Unfortunately this is only for the States at the moment so let me know how it goes!

Fun Stuff!

Check out this infographic on Usain Bolt. That man is stupidly fast!

Ha ha! This post about the 21 absolute worst things in the world made me laugh. They’re ALL true!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

I’ve been working really hard over the last five years to rid myself of as much unnecessary negativity as possible. The more negative situations you’re involved in and the more negative people you surround yourself with, the more negative you’ll become. So here are 10 ways to defend yourself against negativity.


  1. Great stuff, Therese! Especially loved the 40 motivation tips! =)

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