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Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution in Progress – The Beginning

Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution Review – Month 1

Alrighty chickies! I am two months done with Body Revolution and I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast! Seriously!

Month 2 has seen some ups and downs but before I get into that, I’ll give you a rundown of workouts 5 – 8.

The Rundown

Things definitely get hard in month two! Many of the moves you do in month one are back but Jillian makes it harder by adding something different. For instance, instead of just holding plank for 30 seconds, you’ll start doing things like moving planks or side planks. Instead of a regular lunge you’re doing side lunges with bowlers lunges back-to-back while also doing bicep curls. She also really begins to hammer home supersets (working one muscle back-to-back-to-back) so that by the time you’re done your first circuit your triceps are killing you but then she asks you to work on them MORE!

As usual, every two weeks we’re introduced to new workouts so you never get bored and each time the workouts get harder! Which leads me to…

The Up’s

I’m feeling awesome! I’m making sure to push myself with each workout and I’m really noticing how I’m leaning out more and building muscle! I’m still sore every other week but I feel great because I know it’s from working myself hard.

The Down’s

Come the last two weeks I realized I needed a bit of a break. In all of my other workout programs, from TurboFire to training for a race, I always had an active recovery week. Body Revolution has none. Although I understand that my body has been able to adapt to it without a break, my brain hasn’t and I actually found myself skipping my Wednesday cardio and twice I skipped a Friday workout (but I made up for it on Saturday). When you’re putting that much effort into something, you really do need a mental break so you can recharge, relax and then get back to it with equal or greater intensity.

The other downside is that I really don’t think that two weeks is enough time to go to a lot of the advanced moves we’ve been given. To think that someone can go from modified push-ups in week one to crow push-ups in week 8 (picture a regular push-up but when you push down, you also bring your knee up toward your armpit), might be a bit of a stretch. Yes, you’re still allowed to modified but I do think it’s a bit unrealistic unless you started the program with an already relatively strong upper body. This goes for many of the moves (I just happen to find push-ups super challenging). Just remember if you’re doing this to only do what you can, try doing the non-modified position first until your form weakens and then go to modified. There’s no shame in it!

Results For Month 2

My results for month two are sketchy. No weight lost and no inches down. But as I mentioned, I did have a stressful couple of weeks where I missed a couple of workouts and I wasn’t eating as well as I normally do so I can’t in all honesty say it had anything to do with the workout. However, as I mentioned earlier, regardless of not seeing numbers, I’m FEELING and noticing a difference in the way my clothes are fitting and my own strength. My fiancé has also mentioned that I’m continuing to lean out so remember that numbers are just one gauge of success, not THE gauge!

I’m pumped to get through month 3! Now that I allowed myself a slight mental recovery, I’m looking forward to giving it my all and my goal is to not miss a single workout for the next four weeks. It’s do-or-die time for me as I’m six weeks out until my wedding!


Photo Credit: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Official Website



  1. That’s awesome!! You are an inspiration to many and prove that it’s not all about the scale. Congrats!!! Looking forward to hearing about Month 3!!

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