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There comes a time in your life when you need to take a step back and realize that some decisions are just not worth stressing out over. For instance, when it comes to the wedding, our biggest decision this week is the following: Do we go to Mexico or Jamaica for our honeymoon?

I know, right? First world problems, right there. Do we go with tequila or rum? Ancient ruins or the Bob Marley tour? Cool Mexicans or cool Jamaicans? Oh the decisions but decisions we must make! Should we just flip a coin and let destiny decide? Have you been to either (or both)? What would you recommend and why?

Either way we’re gearing up for a week full of sun, sand, surf, swim-up bars and reading as many books as we possibly can! A week with no responsibilities other than making sure we re-apply our sunscreen! Woo hoo!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


What’s a Tuesday without a link to some more tummy-toning exercises?! Don’t say you’re getting bored with your workouts now, you’ll know there’ll be more next week!

Here’s another cool online workout generator! Just select the workout type, what equipment you have at home (if any) and possibly the body part you want to work on and BAM! You get a workout!

Curious about how Michelle Obama gets her awesome physique? Here’s her workout plan and it’s surprisingly simple!


Mmm!!! I love me some curry and it’s really not all that hard to make, the ingredient list looks long but most of it’s just spices so if you’re curious to start making it yourself, why not try this quick vegetable curry?

Yummy! Baked oatmeal!!! This is such a great idea to prep the day before and pop in the oven in the morning for the whole family! Meal planning at its best!

Looking for a light sauce for your chicken or fish? Why not give this light lemon sauce with herbs a try?

I love this list for the top 10 fat loss foods! Add these to your daily diet and watch your fat loss goals come hurtling towards you!

Avocados rock! They’re creamy, full of heart-healthy fats and easy to use for both savoury and sweet dishes! If you’re looking to add some to your menu, here are 9 awesome avocado recipes to try!

General Health

I know that sugar has been demonized over the last few years but, quite frankly, there’s good reason. Check out this cool info graph on the truth about our sugar consumption. Knowledge is power my people!

This article doesn’t contain anything new but it’s still an interesting read. It further discusses the idea that eating several meals throughout the day is more effective for fat loss than three square meals. Not surprisingly, all of the athletes, fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts I know live by this rule with amazing results and it works really well for myself too!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

Since I’m getting married in a few short weeks(!), I’m getting more than my share of marriage advice but the advice I actually listen to is when I’m told what that person does WRONG in their marriage. Yup! Wrong. Because it’s in our mistakes that we discover what’s right. Here is a fantastic article from Gretchen Rubin about the five mistakes she makes in her marriage.

Oh, this is a fun one! It’s 35 life hacks you should know and I must say that the banana one is 100% true! I do it all the time!

Aw yeah, here we go! Check out these 7 lies we tell ourselves. All true man, all true…

Smart Stuff

Ever wonder why you cry? I’m an emotional sod and my crying frustrates the hell out of me but this article about Why We Cry: The Fascinating Psychology of Emotional Release is just that, fascinating! It really gives you the inside scoop as to why we cry after a stressful event, not during it as well as other eye-opening insights!

For The Casa

Another house tour! Yay! This one is of a luxury private retreat in the Dominican Republic. I die. Look at that master bedroom and the amazing infinity pool!


Photo Credit: d Holidays

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