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With the wedding happening a month tomorrow, I’m doing my best to not freak out or lose myself in the details. One of my biggest goals with this wedding (other than, well, marrying my favourite guy) was for it to be as stress free as possible and I think we’ve managed it for the most part. Most of the people we’re working with have commented about how easy-going we are and how much they’re looking forward to the wedding as we just want to have fun. That being said, with the clock ticking away planning has become almost a full time job for me and I am really having to pull out my relaxation toolbox to keep my head on my shoulders. This means a lot more downtime for me. I am a naturally introverted person so having to constantly talk to or be around people drains my energy and with having to call, coordinate, have meetings with, delegate, etc. for this wedding I have started to decline a few invitations these days in favour of a quiet night in with my Kindle.

In the end, however, there’s actually not that much left to do! I have it all written out and am checking things off day by day and, in the end, regardless of what happens, I’m going to be married! Everything else is just frosting on my cupcake!


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


I love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE this article discussing 5 myths about exercise and active lifestyle. If you are an able-bodied (and even semi-abled-bodied) individual, you can get off your butt and make it a lifestyle habit!

Curious as to what the hell CrossFit is and why it’s so popular? Here’s a look into why CrossFit is taking off.

Are you workout Playboy? Do you start exercise routines and then drop them as soon as something better comes along? Here are 15 tips to restart the exercise habit (and how to keep it). This is probably my favourite find of the week, these tips are sound!

Do you love to listen to music while you work out but are bored of your list? Here’s how to create the ultimate exercise playlist.


Anytime I hear the word “enchilada” I start to drool, I know you do too so here’s something to really drool over: a recipe for chicken enchilada stuffed zucchini boats! Holy cow!

I just died and went to breakfast heaven with this recipe for almond and raspberry quinoa! Oh why can’t every meal be breakfast?!

I love me some cake and rarely turn a slice down regardless of how healthy it is but if you’re looking for a healthier cake to bake for your next party, why not try this clean eating birthday cake?

If you’re looking for a dinner dish that’s a bit indulgent yet still relatively healthy, you could do a lot worse than these parmesan roasted baby potatoes! Holy yum, Batman!

Looking to send your kids back to school with healthy snacks in their lunch bags and not crap (that they’ll actually eat)? Here are some back-to-school lunch ideas for you to try!

General Health

There are a host of issues that arise when you skimp on your trip to Dreamsville. Here are 5 health issues that arise from sleep deprivation. Seriously people, you NEED your sleep, no excuses!

What’s that old cliché? You are what you eat? Well, it’s kinda true so if you want to get some amazing, healthy looking skin why not skip the trip to the drugstore and raid your fridge instead? Here are 7 foods for healthy skin.

I admit it, I love apps! I’m always checking out (and oftentimes chucking out) apps for my phone and computer that will make my life easier and there are plenty of apps for helping you become  your healthiest. Here are 27 awesome apps for healthy foodies. Enjoy!

For The Casa

I’m all about prepping food ahead of time and batch cooking. It can sound daunting but it actually saves a whole ton of time and freezing food is the simplest and best way to save time and eat healthy all week long. Here’s a list of freezable foods you can keep in mind when you go shopping or batch cook your food!

Did you know that a few years back my kitchen was all black with accents in white? It was the coolest kitchen ever! I think we shy away from using black in our homes but it can really add a bold statement! Check out these 19 almost pure black bathroom design ideas (I was in the midst of also doing a black and white bathroom in the same house but we never finished it before moving out).

How To Be Your Naturally Beautiful Self

Okay, so this is cool! Make your own unique handmade solid perfume! This would make an awesome gift for your girlfriends or a certain blogger who slaves over providing you with the coolest links every week… I’m just sayin’…


Photo Credit: Wedding Dresses

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