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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself absolutely exhausted. I’ve been losing sleep, stressed out, frustrated and just generally overwhelmed. When I realized that my sleepless nights were a reaction to the stress (my body absorbs stress like a sponge), I knew I had to do something. One thing I decided to do was to pay attention to my body and give it what it wants. That means I’ve been sleeping in a LOT, staying in most nights to recharge and not allowing myself to think about too much of anything else other than tying up loose ends in preparation for my wedding.

Sometimes you just need to flow with the tide and listen to your body’s needs. Once I started letting myself sleep in a bit and doing activities that have traditional relaxed me, my stress lifted and I’m more focused on the finish line.

Do you fight the needs of your body or do you pay attention and adjust accordingly?


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week


If you’re heading off for vacation (or a honeymoon… ), that doesn’t mean that your fitness should suffer! Most hotels have a gym on site but if it doesn’t, you can use any combination of these 25 effective exercises you can do anywhere.

Ha ha ha! Love these “suggestions” about office exercises to avoid sleepiness! If you do this, I want a video!

Are you a forward and trendy thinker who’s thinking about the next big fitness trends for 2013? This article claims that green fitness will be the Zumba of 2013. Do you agree?

One of the easiest ways to ease into an active lifestyle is to start walking more. This doesn’t necessarily mean walking around the block but things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and getting up from your desk every hour and talking a walk around the floor. The goal is to get in at least 10,000 steps per day. If you’re up to the challenge, you can do the 20% Boost Program to get you started!


I love Indian food, not only is it just incredibly tasty, it’s also really healthy (if made properly). Using just a few fresh ingredients and a whole boatload of spices, Indian food is simple yet complex and it’s also something I love making at home. If you want to experiment in the kitchen with Indian, try this recipe for chicken vindaloo and serve it with some brown rice!

My favourite kind of salad is a spinach salad with a fruit, nut and cheese with a fruity vinaigrette. I could eat it as a full meal and be happy for hours! If you’ve never tried this stunning combo, start with this recipe for spinach, strawberry & goat cheese salad with pomegranate vinaigrette. This is a perfect salad to serve when friends are over!

Well this is a nifty tool (if not limited to Real Simple’s recipe database). Tell it what main ingredient you want, then tell it how you want it cooked (no-bake, 5 ingredients of less, etc.) and then it gives you a recipe to make dinner in 15 minutes flat! Pretty neat if you’re looking for something to whip together the day before grocery day!

Woo hoo! With September comes fall and with fall comes hearty, warm meals and nothing says “hearty, warm meal” like chili! To keep chili lean and still yummy, try making a vegetarian chili. It still has everything you want out of chili but it’s a lot healthier. To start, try this recipe for a chunky veggie chili and savour it by the fire!

General Health

If you’re struggling through your weight loss why not check out these 10 commandments of weight loss and see how you can tweak your lifestyle.

I don’t know what’s worse about this article, that a man claims he found a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew or that Pepsi claims it’s impossible because “Mountain Dew turns mice jelly-like” due to its acidity. Umm… you do realize what that’s probably doing to your stomach, right?

You may have heard that to lose you weight, you want to eat more during the day. But you can’t just eat anything, you have to eat the right foods and the right time, here’s a great Men’s Health article about weight loss and metabolism.

For The Casa

Got some cast iron dishes that you’re afraid to use? It’s honestly not that difficult to take care of once you get used to it and cast iron is one of the BEST ways to cook your meals and if you take care of it, it’ll literally last a lifetime. Here’s everything you need to know about cast iron and how to take care of it!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

You know how annoying it is when you’re in a bitchy mood and someone tells you to cheer up? You want to scream at them because how can you go from bitchy to cheery in an instant?! Well, here’s how to train yourself to be in the mood you want.

I’ve read this article a few times since it was published and I think it’s one of those articles that should be read often. It’s the 5 most common regrets that a palliative care nurse discovered during her career from spending time with the elderly. I really hope that you don’t idly read this article but truly absorb it, all five come from people who have since passed away and no one wants to live with regrets.

Smart Stuff

You may not realize this if you’ve never met me before but I’m an introvert. I prefer small groups, one-on-one communication, lots of “me”-time and quiet places. Not because I think I’m better than others but because big groups and loud places drain my energy. This past year, I think, has been the year of introverts in psychology. A boatload of books have been published that help extroverts understand the nature of introverts and help them to realize that being introverted is not a character flaw at all but it can actually be an asset. If you’re an extrovert who is absolutely perplexed by introverts, don’t worry, we feel the same about you but here is a cool article about seeing life through introvert eyes.

Photo Credit: Physical Fitness Training

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