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Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution in Progress – The Beginning

Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution Review – Month 1

Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution Review – Month 2

Holy cow! I did it! 90 days later I have finished Body Revolution and lived to tell the tale!

The Rundown

Obviously this is the most difficult month in the program. Jillian continues to ramp it up each and every week so that you are doing every style of push-up known to man, usually just after or before a gruelling plank session. Plyometrics (i.e., jump training) have become a regular occurrence on top of super-sets and combination moves. This ain’t no Richard Simmons DVD…

The Up’s

My strength continued to increase (obviously) and where push-ups are my weakest move, I am now much more confident to start doing non-modified for a bit before having to head back to my knees. I’m looking leaner, feeling leaner and have more confidence to try doing exercises I previously found too difficult.

The Down’s

Oddly enough, I got ridiculously bored with the program this month. Music is instrumental (heh) to me in my workouts and Body Revolution (as for all of Jillian’s workout DVDs) has really crappy elevator-esque workout music that doesn’t motivate me at all and that causes me to just not have any fun with it. Maybe I’m spoiled with TurboFire and its upbeat attitude, fun moves and great music but by the last month, Body Revolution felt like I was in high school gym class all over again.

I think the other reason I started to get bored was that I was also getting frustrated. I’m all about pushing myself to do advanced moves but there were plenty of moves in the third month (the last two weeks especially) that I couldn’t even perform the modified move! Inverse push-up’s? The modified move was just to hang out in reverse bridge. I couldn’t even do that so I had to just hang out in regular old bridge. Now, I’m fine with adjusting to my current ability but I do think, as I said wrapping up month 2, that this could be quite demotivating to a lot of people just starting out. Your muscles will NOT get that strong in just 12 weeks, strength training happens over a much longer period of time and if you want to achieve the results that you see from the people in the video, you’re going to have to do Body Revolution several times.

So let me reiterate what I said last month: If your current ability is to do a move that’s even below the modified move Jillian shows you, do it! Don’t sacrifice your form (which could lead to injury) just because everyone else on the screen is doing it. You do want to at least try doing the move advanced but if you find you can’t hang, there’s no shame in taking it back a notch until you’re ready.

Program Results

My goal when I started this program back in June was to tighten up, lean out and hopefully lose at least a dress size before my wedding.

The good news is that almost all of this has happened! I (and others) have noticed significant changes in how much I’ve leaned out over the summer. I can definitely see it when I look at myself in the mirror and my upper body strength (which has been not-the-best) has improved a lot! I may not have lost a full dress size but my seamstress did have to take in my wedding dress by half an inch and exclaimed “I NEVER have to do this! I always have to let it OUT“.

Overall, I actually gained 2lbs (which could be a combination of anything, and, let’s face it, I didn’t follow her diet plan so who knows what happened there) but the real success was that I lost a total of 6″ overall. I’ll take that over pounds any day of the week!

My Two Cents

My overall opinion about Body Revolution is that is IS effective. Even if you don’t follow every single workout (or follow the nutrition plan), you will see results if you stay consistent. I do think that it’s a bit advanced so if you’ve never worked out a day in your life, you’re better off building up some strength and endurance before you do these DVDs or else you’ll quickly get frustrated and stop doing it.

I do think that 90 days was too much for me. I’ve been perfectly fine doing months of other programs but I didn’t have as much fun with Body Revolution as I’ve had with other DVDs so it got to be more of a chore at the end of it.

So if you’re an already relatively fit individual and are looking to get the last 5 – 10lbs off and you’re looking for a no-nonsense program that just gets the job done and pushes you, Body Revolution is your program! If you’re a beginner, try her other DVDs first before moving into this program.


  1. Awesome review, girlie!!! Wow – 6″ overall!!! That’s amazing – way to go! You, literally, worked your butt off and are heading into your wedding feeling like the badass that you are! HUZZAH!

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