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I love the fall! It’s my favourite time of the year and one of the reasons is that I love, love, LOVE warm dishes like chili and the stuffed zucchini (pictured above with ricotta and onions). I haven’t had the chance to do much cooking these last few weeks due to the wedding, it’s mostly been throw-together stuff but I’m looking forward to warming the house with the oven and cooking stews, soups and other warmy goodness!

Which seasons do you prefer for food? Are you a summery salad, BBQ type of eater or a wintery have-all-the-ranges-on kind of eater?


Cool (Mostly Health Related) Stuff I Found This Week



Lookin’ to tone up those triceps? Heh. Aren’t we all? Anyway… here are 7 great moves to tone your arms, just remember that you can do all the tricep work in the world but no one will know if you don’t clean up your nutrition to get the fat off of ’em!

Well here’s an interesting article. It’s about the best workouts for your body type. What are your thoughts? I don’t know about you but I figure as long as I like what it is I’m doing, I don’t give a crap what body type I am!

A lot of people take their workouts indoors when it gets cooler out and swimming tends to be at the top of their list! If you’re thinking of channeling your inner Michael Phelps this year, check out these 10 swimming terms every beginner should know.


From chips to potatoes to chili to a dip for veggie sticks, I’m a salsa fanatic and I think this recipe for an avocado and mango salsa is definitely one I’ll try ASAP!

I’m always up for different flavours of sweet potato fries and I’m absolutely going to try these garlic sweet potato fries tomorrow for dinner!

Rarely do I stand on a soapbox about things you should and should not eat. In fact, I don’t deny you anything but if there’s something I am strongly against, it’s pop (or soda, or soda pop or “coke”). Not only does it have absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever, here’s what happens to your body within an hour of drinking coke. Seriously guys, there’s no reason to drink this stuff!

It’s October and that means cooler temps and horror movies so what better way to enjoy a bloodbath with a warm, comforting bowl of sweet potato black bean chili? Just don’t check out that sound you heard in the basement…

General Health

Do you tend to be a mindless eater? Someone who eats something without even realizing it? This form of eating is notorious for packing on the pounds but you can start to curb this by following some of these 10 simple ways to eat less without noticing!

This is incredible. A morbidly obese photographer decided to face her fear of her weight loss struggles and being in front of the camera by documenting her weight loss. This is a really poignant look at the struggles of losing a lot of weight and the emotional toll it can take.

For The Casa

I love these 50 ceiling design idea! In fact, all of these rooms are phenomenal but it really does remind me that ceilings are so overlooked!

How To Be Your Awesome Self

We all know that life is short so you want to make the best of it so here are 20 things life is too short to tolerate and can I shout an “AMEN!” to all of ’em!


  1. Hey Therese! How are you?
    Love your web site and your advice! You are still on my beta group list for Hubster. I’ll be sending you an email soon to let you know when you can sign up and start using it.
    You spoke about stuffed zucchini’s but did not supply a recipe… I’m thinking of making them this Thanks giving. Could you post a link to the recipe.
    Can’t wait to connect again.
    Talk soon,

    • ThereseLean says:

      Hey Kristin! I’m so excited to get started with Hubster! Hope it’s going as smoothly as possible for you!

      The stuffed zucchini was actually a recipe I used from a cookbook so I can’t supply the full recipe BUT if you scoop out the seeds of a sliced zucchini and add a mixture of light ricotta cheese, sauteed onions, garlic, salt and pepper and topped it with a sprinkle of breadcrumbs and parmesan you can bake it in the oven on 350 for about 20 minutes!

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