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The wedding has come and gone, my new husband and I have just come back from a fantastic honeymoon in Mexico and although we didn’t overdo it, we did enjoy our fair share of amazing Mexican food and I discovered a love for margarita’s I never knew I had. Coming home we were happy, relaxed, refreshed and feeling well… just a little bit pudgier…

This last month and a bit has been crazy busy and my entire routine was flipped around on its axis. I worked out as best I could and ate  as well as possible but it made me realize just how sick I am of being “close” to my goal weight. I’ve been “close” to my goal weight for quite a while now and I realized that enough’s enough. How can I coach others to get determined and focused to get to their goal weight when I’m not there myself so I’m officially declaring a war on my excess fat! I’ll be paying closer attention my food, getting a tighter grip on my “treats” and getting back into a regular workout routine by actively participating in one of my own fitness challenges!

Over the last couple of months I’ve heard surprised gasps from clients when I’ve confessed that I’m just as  human as they are and am not a perfect eater or exerciser. This has kinda thrown me through a loop because I’ve always wanted to make sure I present myself as real person to you all. I guess I’ve failed at that a bit so things are changing! I’m going to blog about getting off these last few pounds and let you know which habits I’m personally getting rid of and which ones I’m adopting so I can get into the healthiest shape of my life!

If you want to join me in this war, subscribe to the blog and join me over on my Facebook page. I’d love to do this with you! Together we can make this happen!


  1. You always inspire me, girl!!! Can’t wait to see you reach…AND EXCEED…your goals! You are well on your way and I’m right there with you!

    Which reminds me…I fell off the radar on the Anti-Diet. I think it’s time to get back to it and hit the restart button there. You’re lighting the fire under my considerable arse! :-)


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