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How the hell did this happen?! How did it come to be that Christmas is in less than a month?! Where have I been?! And how many italics can I possibly use in a paragraph?!

There’s nothing I ever want more for a gift than something that helps me become the fittest I can be. I’d much rather get a gift card to a sports store than a potpourri dish.

Here’s a sampling of some of my favourite fitness products of 2012 and a few that are on my own wish list!



Fitbook’s Goal Weight Body Scale

This is definitely on my wish list this year! What’s different about this scale? It hides your actual weight and, instead, once pre-programmed with your goal weight in mind, it’ll tell you whether you’re getting closer or further away from your goal! How awesome is that?!  And for a modest $45 it’s one of the cheaper fancy-pants scales out there!








Les Mills COMBAT

This is my most highly anticipated workout program of the year! COMBAT has been taught in gyms around the world for years and now you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Combining 6 different types of martial arts with high intensity interval training (HIIT), you’ll not only feel like the ninja you were born to be but you’ll also get the most kick-ass body you’ve ever had! I’m starting this program in January (if you want to do it with me, contact me)!








Zombies, Run! App

This is my favourite fitness app of 2012! If your runs are lagging in the intensity department, Zombies, Run! is just what you need to add a little kick-in-the-ass! Put your ear buds in and listen along to a zombie apocalypse scenario as you run. You become “Runner #5” who has to help your fellow survivors by “picking up” items such as medical supplies and batteries (this happens automatically – you don’t actually have to find these items) and every few minutes you’ll discover zombies chasing you so you’ll have to run as fast as possible to get away from them! This app keeps your runs interesting and you get some great speed training (I totally got caught by zombies at one point and I was running as hard as I could)!









Subscription To Oxygen Magazine

Oxygen is my favourite fitness magazine. Although I love learning about makeup and fashion, I find that other fitness magazines are much more focused on the latest fashion trends more than they are about getting fit and healthy. Oxygen is for those of us women who aren’t afraid to get a little down and dirty in our workouts and features real women who got real results. This is my go-to mag for fitness inspiration!












Gangsta Capri Pant

Although I mentioned that I prefer magazines with more ab ripping than fashion, more and more I’m wanting to at least look like a girl when I work out (’cause I sure don’t feel like one)! These Gangsta Capri Pants from the Turbo line of fitness wear make me happy and I want a pair so badly! Comfy yet really cool, you’ll be able to do your roundhouse kicks and actually feel like you’re in an alley-way kickin’ some dirt-ball’s ass!


  1. Those are some great tips up there and I think at least one or two of them are going on my very own wishlist! Thanks for the head’s up on Oxygen…I feel the same way. So many “health” magazines are more about fashion and sex than actual health, but yet, I don’t want something that is super specific to bodybuilding or something. Good stuff! Thanks!!!!

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