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It’s been well over a month since I started doing Insanity and I gotta say that it ain’ gettin’ any easier!

I’m still going strong in my workouts even with a slight injury and aggravated muscle in the last week. I managed to make it to Recovery Week with my sanity still intact (okay, so that could be questionable). That being said, Recovery Week was welcomed with open arms because I can only stay focused for so long before I need a break and although I did the recovery workouts, I didn’t do them every day. I needed not just a break from the intensity but also from the program so I worked out three times and then did light active cardio (mostly walking) the rest of the week.

But now? Now I’m back and I’m ready to finish Month 2 and Insanity in general!

I took my measurements this weekend and did my Fit Test yesterday and this is a total testament to making sure you have more than one way to measure your goals because neither my weight or inches have budged (this is quite common for Insanity – many people won’t see improvements like that until going into month 2 as your body adjusts to the intensity) but my cardio has improved tremendously! Check it out:

My Week 5 Insanity Fit Tests Results:

Switch Kicks: 55/56/57

Power Jacks: 40/48/50

Power Knees: 76/94/96 (this could be contested… I was getting so into it that I momentarily lost my count so I either did 96 or 106)

Power Jumps: 24/28/30

Globe Jumps: 8/10/11

Suicide Jumps: 14/16/18

Push-Up Jacks: 9/14/20

Low Plank Oblique Twists: 36/51/57

Pretty impressive, eh? I’m extremely pleased with these results, especially the push-up jacks because push-ups are not my strong suit. These results let me know that I’m improving and pushing in every workout and this is what keeps me going. I don’t want to just survive the program (although that’s still a huge goal!) but I want to make sure that my fitness improves. If your current program isn’t improving your overall level of fitness then you’re either doing the wrong program or you’re not pushing hard enough!

Month 2 of Insanity ushers in everything that is max: Max Interval Circuits, Max Interval Plyo, Max Cardio Conditioning and Max Recovery. This means longer workouts (about an hour each) with longer and harder intervals. Yay… Somehow yesterday I managed to do my Fit Test AND do an hour of Max Interval Circuits… Thank god I got my new shipment of recovery formula today because without it I may be bedridden for the rest of the week! Ha!


  1. Way to go, girl! Kill it, this month!!

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