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Dear Future Me

Hot damn! I can’t believe it’s 2013! Happy New Year, everyone! I had an absolute blast celebrating 2013 and toasting 2013 with my husband and best friends. I’m not a big partier but I do like spending New Years Eve in the company of friends, I think it brings good luck to the coming year!

Normally around this time I make a nice list of things I want to achieve in the coming year but seeing as one of my goals is to utilize my creative self more, I’ve decided to change things up a bit. You see, I’ve kind of fallen in love… with a woman (my husband’s dream has just been realized). Her name is Michelle Ward and she’s a wicked career coach for us right-brained business people and when I watched her video about how she writes herself a letter each year, dated to exactly one year later about all the cool stuff she’s accomplished, I thought it was just what I needed to kick my year off in a most creative way (said Bill & Ted style)!

So here it is! The areas I’ve bolded are the goals I’ve made for myself and, obviously, none of this includes any surprises that inevitably pop throughout the year because, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I knew!


January 1, 2014

Dear Present Therese,

When you rang in 2013 you had an inkling of what to expect during the year but, really, you had NO IDEA!

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! You and Alan both knew that you were wanting to get pregnant during the year and it’s happened! I know it’s been both fascinating and scary but just remember the massive amount of support you have. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, take rests when you need to and take care of yourself. I know you’re worried about being a good Mom but I think that the mere fact that you are worried about it means you’ll be just fine and again, you have some of the most supportive and encouraging people around you to raise this kid and you already know that Alan’s going to be the most amazing father!

Speaking of Alan, isn’t he the best? Your first year of marriage has been outstanding and that’s most specifically because you’ve made him and your relationship your number one priority. You communicate your needs and really listen to what he has to say and (maybe especially) to what he doesn’t say. He has been your rock since the day you met and since becoming pregnant your marriage has just gotten stronger!

You continued to keep your cholesterol below 3.6 without medication for a second year and making the decision to train like you weren’t going to get pregnant so that when you DID get pregnant, your body was better able to handle it (and then bounce back) worked like a charm! I know that it’s also frustrating for you to know that you worked so hard to lose the weight but now have to gain weight but you have all the tools you need to get it off when baby comes and you’re working closely with Dr. McCarvill to make sure your weight is where it should be and no more! Your job is to keep you and baby healthy and that’s exactly what you’re doing!

2013 was an amazing year both personally and professionally, wasn’t it? Not only did you and Alan get the second floor added to the house (and gave it a gorgeous facelift to boot), but you also finally got your G2 licenses and bought your first (gently used) car! I know it was a long time coming and having had to put the money out for an extension on the house, a car and now a baby has caused slight hyperventilation in the financial department; you’ll be fine. You always are because you always have a plan and the fact that you more than tripled your income is just proof that everything is, in fact, going to plan.

Speaking of money and business, I can’t say enough how proud I am of you for putting your nose to the grindstone this year to grow your business and build your finances! You really grabbed the theme of “focus” by the horns and although at times it was a difficult pill to swallow (hello part-time job!), you did exactly what you had to do to make all of this super-cool life stuff happen. I know it was tiring at times and you wanted to quit more times that you care to mention but it’s all starting to pay off. You’re completely booked solid in your coaching hours, you found your personal brand and it’s working so well to get you clients, speaking gigs and your first signature workshop is getting rave reviews! When you realized that you really wanted to add more creativity to your business, you had no idea just how much people needed that in the health and wellness industry and it’s really taken off! Your decision to develop your listening skills further have fast-tracked your clients’ successes and they are consistently giving you amazing testimonials! Can you believe that 50% of your new clients come from referrals now?! You followed your gut when it came to accepting new clients regardless of if that meant you didn’t make money and your success rates have soared. Your clients are people who are truly ready to change and because of that, you have the best time on your coaching calls and seeing the changes these amazingly courageous people are making have inspired you to no end.

On top of all that, affiliating yourself with Beachbody was the best business decision you’ve ever made! Being a founding Canadian Beachbody coach aside, you made diamond in eight months! That’s astounding! And celebrating this achievement with Molly and your fellow coaches at Summit in Vegas this past June was one of the highlights of the year for sure (not to mention you finally got to meet Chalene Johnson and she already knew who you were!). Being part of the Beachbody community has allowed you to help more than 100 people this year – that’s over a hundred lives (and families) you’ve helped make healthy and happy. This has been a wonderfully symbiotic relationship where you’ve been able to help your coaching clients choose fun and effective workouts/nutritionals and where your customers get a coach who can really help them to dig deep with their weight issues and take control of their health and lives.

I don’t think you could have fit more things into this year if you tried but you also helped Shannon celebrate the wedding she always deserved to have and heading to New York City with Alan for your first anniversary was a trip to remember (you’ll never forget Central Park in Autumn, that’s for sure)!

I am so frickin’ proud of you right now. You started the year off knowing you needed to focus so you could do right by yourself, Alan and your future family even though it sucked at times but you kept your vision clearly in your mind and made it happen. Now you know that you can make anything happen!

Kisses, hugs and baby giggles (so soon!),

Future Therese


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