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Spin Class

So at this point you’re about one week, maybe almost two weeks into your new workout program and things are going well! You’re probably sore at this point (think of your soreness in another way, it’s not soreness – it’s CHANGE!) and maybe a bit tired but you’re still quite determined to achieve your health goals, am I right?

But I’m gonna be a bit of a Debbie Downer for a moment and say that this motivation is probably not going to last in another week or more. At some point this month you’re going to have a bad day and the last thing you want to do is work out. You’d much rather be sitting around watching a Downton Abbey marathon and polishing off the stash of Christmas chocolate (or is that just me?) than sweating up a storm. But it’s during this particular day that is most telling of how successful you’re going to be in achieving your goals.

I’m telling you right now that there’s not a fit person out there who doesn’t have a day when they want nothing more than to hit the snooze button or call it a day instead of doing their workouts but the difference between them and people who aren’t fit is that they do it anyway. You’re not always going to feel motivated and on those days, consistency is what matters most.

Wanna make sure you actually stick with your workouts this time? Here are 3 ways to help make your awesome new workout routine stick:

3 Ways To Make Your Workouts Stick

Schedule It

That’s right, grab your calendar or open up your phone’s calendar, sit down and plug in each and every workout you plan to do for the entire month (or if you’re doing a program just plug in the whole program or training schedule). It’s been shown that those who do this are more likely to stick with it than those who don’t. On top of that, I challenge you to schedule the actual time you’re going to work out and make it non-negotiable. In other words, if someone asks you out for coffee or to do something you’re now going to say “I’m sorry, I can’t, I have plans.” If you’re serious about making changes, you need to treat it seriously! Your workouts are now going to be as important to you as brushing your teeth or making dinner for your kids. There’s no easy way about it. Want to make sure you won’t get interrupted often? Schedule your workouts for a time when you’re least interrupted. For some that may be first thing in the morning, for others, it may be later in the evening after the kids go to bed. Still others it may be your lunch break. Whatever it is, find that time and schedule it as a non-negotiable “meeting” and make it clear to everyone around you that you’re not to be disturbed for that time.

Get A Buddy

What I mean here is to get someone who’s just as serious about getting fit as you are (better yet, get yourself a coach who’s job it is to help you achieve your goals) and make it a deal that you’ll bug each other to check-in when you’ve done your workouts. Be picky about your buddy if you don’t get a coach, though! Make sure they’re just as dedicated as you are, we’ve all had friends who said they’d be your buddy but then flake out almost immediately. Tell each other exactly when you’re going to work out and then check in with each other when you’ve finished up. This is going to give you the support and accountability you need to keep at it!

Create A Reward

On those days that I’d rather poke my eye out with a rusty fork and squeeze lemon juice into it than work out, I bribe myself. I have a super special shower gel that I ONLY use on these occasions (and those occasions when I’m particularly proud of a fitness accomplishment) and so I tell myself that if I do the workout, I can use that shower gel. I’ll also buy some cheap 3 for $5 facial masks and if the shower gel bribe doesn’t work I tell myself that if I do my workout I can have a 30 minute at-home spa that evening complete with mani/pedi and facial. Find these cheap rewards (that have nothing to do with food) and have them at the ready for these days. The best part is that not only will you feel amazing for actually doing your workout when you don’t want to, you’ll feel even better because you rewarded yourself with something wonderful. It’s a total win/win situation!


I wish I could tell you that there was an easier way to achieve your weight-loss goals but there aren’t. If you want to lose the weight and keep it off, you’re going to have to put in the work. But I promise you that once you get into the groove these days will be fewer and farther in between but for now, you’re going to have to push yourself until it becomes habit.

As always, if you need moi to give you a push, feel free to contact me anytime and happy sweating!


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