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As I wave “bye-bye” to Shaun T and his Insanity crew, I waved a happy “Oh thank GOD you’re not Insanity” to the Les Mills COMBAT crew last week!

Yep! I never finish a fitness program without having a new one ready to go far in advance and when word came out that Combat (which has been taught in gyms all over the world for several years now) was comin’ out as an at-home workout, I jump-kicked at the chance (a little Combat humour – I’m so funny… ).

For those who don’t know (’cause I really didn’t – I’m not a gym person), COMBAT is a workout that blends six different types of martial arts with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for the cool people) to help you burn a wicked ton of calories long after your workout is actually over (this is the beauty of HIIT and why everyone should be doing it) and will catapult change in your body.

So enough of the technical stuff, how was my first week?!


After my first day doing the program I was IN LOVE (so much so that I’m resorting to using ALL CAPS to declare it).

If you’ve been following me for a while now (first – stop it, it’s called stalking) you know that I talk about finding your “soul-mate” workout. The workout that you could do all day, every day and never (or rarely) get sick of it. Sometimes this workout is found immediately but for most of us, you have to date around awhile to find it. When I did TurboFire last year I knew I found it but now… well, now I’m beginning to question it and it’s causing some awkward pauses between us. TF, I think, just knows that something’s amiss in our relationship over the past week and has been giving COMBAT the cold shoulder.

I can’t help my heart, though. I think I’m in love with two workout programs and it’s not been easy for TF. Both give me martials arts, HIIT, plyo and fun music but whereas TF gives me a wee bit of dance to remind to stop taking things so seriously and have fun, COMBAT is more traditional in its training and leaves me feeling empowered. I think I may just need to create a TurboFire/Combat hybrid program and then my life will be complete.

In my first week I’m down 4lbs (after following the 7-day Jumpstart Your Metabolism meal plan), my shoulders and butt are a bit sore but nothing crazy and I have looked forward to every single workout. The trainers, Dan and Rachel, are awesome. Dan throws in some bad jokes to help you roll your eyes but he also knows exactly when, and how, to pump you up to get you through the rough spots and Rachel is an expert at saying the most inspiring things to remind of you why you’re there.

As usual, I’ll keep you updated on my progress throughout the next 60 days and I have a feeling that TurboFire is going to have to put up or get out!


  1. Ha! I feel EXACTLY the same way! From the first workout, I loved this program. I have not missed one single day and jsut as you do, I look forward to the workouts everyday. I would love for you to create a TF/LMC hybrid workout schedule. I’d be MORE than willing to check it out! There is much I miss with TF……:( ……but Les Mills Combat……wow. Is there such a thing as co-soulmate workouts?

    • ThereseLean says:

      Angie, I think co-soulmate workouts is a rarity but does exist. I do believe I can love TF AND Combat with equal passion… And if I do make a hybrid, I’ll post it for sure!

  2. Yeah girl!!! I just ordered my Combat (after hearing great things from other TurboKick instructors and friends) and am SO excited to get it soon and start a 60-day program myself! I really need to get my ass in gear… it’s been rough since my postpartum issues. Excited to hear as you continue on. Rock on!

    • ThereseLean says:

      Oh! I’m so happy you bought it! I can’t wait to hear how much you love it! And did I mention that I plan to get certified in TurboKick this year?! And I love Combat so much I just may think about getting certified to do that as well…

  3. Sounds like a TON of fun!!! Something I’ll have to consider when I’m back up and going. :-)

    • ThereseLean says:

      Do it! They have a fantastic modifier for when you do so that you’re not jumping around until your knee is in better shape!

  4. I am thinking of getting Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire. Which is better?

    • ThereseLean says:

      Depends on your goals but if you were able to do Insanity I would stick with Turbo Fire as it’s the more advanced of the two!


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