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Healthy Pregnancy

So some of you may have caught on by now with my Dear Future Me Letter that my husband and I are hoping to get pregnant at some point this year. I can’t tell you how weird it is to be saying that seriously but it’s true. We’ve had the conversation with our doctor and decided to take on a “if it happens it happens” attitude about it (’cause the last thing we want to do is stress out over it).

Now that this is a real possibility, that me getting pregnant could happen at any time and not just something that’ll happen “down the line”, I’ve been doing some major thinking about how it’s going to affect me, personally.

Yup. We’re talkin’ about how I’m feeling about the fact that I’ve lost one hundred pounds, am not even at my goal weight yet and now I’m planning on getting pregnant.

First thing’s first, I’m actually fine with it. When I first started out I was terrified but not so much anymore. The idea of actually carrying our child is far more important and exciting for me than the frustration of gaining back some of the weight I’ve worked so hard to get off. Weight gain is not only expected during pregnancy, it’s a necessity for the  health and well being of me and our future poop monster. I’ve totally accepted that.

Of course, knowing this doesn’t mean I’m not vain and slightly nervous. Even though I know I’ll never end up where I was back in 2007 I can’t help it – I’m still a bit nervous! All of those useless “what if’s” come to mind: “What if I can’t work out during my pregnancy?”, “What if I gain more than I expect?”, “What if I wind up just looking fat instead of pregnant?”, what if, what if, what if?

I HATE what if’s! They’re so useless! But when you’ve worked so hard to accomplish something, even with a solid foundation set beneath you, it’s hard not to think about things that could make it all come tumbling down.

But. And here’s a big but (oh how I’m dying to do a “big butt” joke here), the fact is that I know I have a solid foundation in place! I’ve worked as hard as I have to get this weight off and become healthy because I took the time to build the foundation necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle! I know that planning is key and that I will work closely with my doctor to make sure that I’m as healthy as I, and my baby, can be during my pregnancy. I know that if, just if, something should happen and I’m advised NOT to work out during my pregnancy that I still have full control over my diet. I also know exactly what needs to be done to get any weight that I do gain off after pregnancy.

In short – I’m good to go because I made it good to go and this is why it’s so important to take the time to build a solid foundation for yourself and not rush into any diet that comes in front of you. My healthy lifestyle is far too much a part of me now to let it all come crumbling just because of what some well-meaning Mom’s tell me I’m “eating for two” or that I shouldn’t worry about my weight while pregnant says. It is important, I’m not eating for two and, yes weight IS important for the health and well-being of both Mom and child. What if’s be damned! You’re a waste of time because you doubt my hard work and that regardless of what should happen, me and my diaper machine are going to be totally fine!

So I’ll take it one day at a time and when that amazing day happens when I learn that I’m expecting – I’ll deal with it then and trust in myself that because I have a foundation – I can build my house again – it’s just that, this time, it won’t take so long!

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  1. This is such awesome news, Therese!!! You will be an incredible Mom!!! And I have no doubt you will be back on the Insanity train ASAP. Best of luck!!

  2. I am so happy to be reading this T :-) You and A will be fantastic parents and you still remain an inspiration to me. YOU are still the person I want to be like when I grow up.

  3. I am definitely excited for this next phase in your’s and Alan’s lives! And I think you are already setting yourself up for success by thinking about the ramifications of it and accepting it! You’re going to do awesome!!!

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