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Month 1 of Les Mills COMBAT is in the bag and I am actually sad about that because it means I ONLY have 30 more days left of the challenge!

Yep! That means that my love for this workout in the first week has lasted this entire time! Not since doing TurboFire last year have I actually looked forward to doing my workouts each and every day.

So why am I raving about it? Why is Combat so damned special that I tuck it into bed at night and steal kisses throughout the day?

Good question! So glad you asked!

It contains the four essentials I look for in a workout:

1. Good music. I need music with words in it. Most workout DVDs have fitness muzak which drives me BONKERS because it’s so boring! I always need actual songs to carry me through a workout – especially when it’s a challenging workout. Combat uses a lot of Top 40 hits to drive the workout and keep things fresh – I’m not normally a fan of Top 40 but when it comes to a workout I’m all over it! I now amp up the music (such a great option on these DVDs, by the way – you can choose to drown out the instruction and just listen to the music) and it allows me to give it my best and (try to) sing along at the same time.

2. A Challenge. Combat is a challenging workout! Punching and kicking may not seem like much but there’s a reason why martial artists have incredible bodies – all that training sheds fat, creates lean muscle and definition throughout your entire body! Combat uses a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (high intensity moves at short bursts to skyrocket your metabolism and burn MORE calories throughout the day) and Peripheral Heart Action (working upper body and lower body in succession to allow your blood to circulate evenly so you don’t fatigue as quickly) to burn fat effectively.

3. Fun. Combat is so much fun! You’re not only learning how to do really cool ninja-esque type moves but the trainers, Dan and Rach work extremely well together to get you smiling, inspired and working hard. Dan motivates you by cracking bad jokes but when he gets in “the zone” and his face turns red and his eyes bug out he gets me so amped up right along with him that I find myself really digging deep. Rach knows exactly the right things to say at the right time to inspire you to keep going and always remembering why you picked up the workout in the first place. They are the perfect training duo!

4. Martial arts. I discovered during TurboFire just how excited I would get every time I’d punch and kick things and how bored I got during other workout programs that had little or no martial arts. Turns out I just really like martial arts so who am I to question what I enjoy? Combat, obviously, is centred around martial arts and traditional martial arts training so it was a born winner in my books!

In the last month my kicks and punches are becoming much stronger and my balance is also improving (repeated kicks on one leg can do that for a person). My upper body strength is also improving but more importantly, I am just truly loving my workouts. Les Mills COMBAT makes me feel strong, empowered and energized to get my through my days!

I’ll be back in a month’s time to share with you my wrap-up of the entire program and report on my physical results!

Keep it real and STAY WITH THE FIGHT!


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