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So I think I may finally be recovered from the effects of Nemo this past weekend. On Friday alone we had to shovel ourselves out not once, not twice but THREE times and it still kept comin’! By Saturday I was about run out and kiss our handful of neighbours who all had snowblowers and cleaned up our street, I was so grateful!

Now, of course, it’s raining which is good AND bad ’cause it’s getting rid of the snow but it’s also just damp and cold out and which never a good combo! But it IS a good combo for making videos! You’ll be seeing more of them in the future (so feel free to contact me with video suggestions) but I’ve got some special news for ya with this video!

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I’m going to tell you why spraining my toe exactly one week before the 30k race I trained so hard for was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Also, you’ll want to stick around to the end because I’m going to give you the opportunity to get FREE COACHING from me for THREE MONTHS! No joke!

My apologies for the quality of the video – I think something got lost in the uploading but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

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