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You know that feeling you get first thing in the morning when you just sink deeper back into your covers and realize you’ve never been more comfortable? Like you’re sleeping on a cloud even if you went to bed cursing your mattress? But why is it that fate decides that we feel this way right at the moment when the alarm goes off?

First world problems, right there.

Anyway, I bring this up because on Friday I just did not want to get out of bed. In fact, after hitting snooze three times I literally had to take it step-by-step. I told myself: “Okay, first thing’s first, flip the covers off. Okay good. Now sit up! Now stand up!” and on it went until I was standing in front of the fridge reaching for the cream for my coffee and there was none left.


-8C outside, I just woke up and I’m on my way to the convenience store. God forbid I should just decide to NOT have coffee. Not the ideal way to start my morning, thankyouverymuch!

But the thing that was looming over my head the most when I finally sat down with my coffee and bowl of oats was my workout. I was scheduled to do Combat 60 Live from my Les Mills COMBAT program. 60 whole minutes of jumping around, kicking, punching and generally getting sweaty. Normally I’m all over Combat as I find it a lot of fun but on Friday? Not-so-much, I just wanted to curl back up in bed and pick up where I left off.

I hemmed, I hawed. I knew I should work out but then on the other hand I was just SO tired and groggy, it wouldn’t be a big deal if I took the day off, I’ve barely missed a day in my entire challenge so what if I took the day off? One day won’t kill me or hurt my fitness efforts.

But then I pulled out the big guns. The gatling gun I always pull out when I find myself making excuses why I shouldn’t work out for no reason whatsoever. I asked myself how I’ll feel if I skip my workout. Then I asked myself how I’ll feel after I actually do my workout. I wasn’t feeling sick and I actually got plenty of sleep so there was no reason for me to not work out. I have no problems in putting a workout on the back burner if I’ve only had a couple of hours of sleep but I’ve had a solid 8 hours! What the heck?!

I knew I’d feel yucky and totally regret it if I didn’t work out because deep down there was just no reason not to so I put on my big girl panties and fastened my Combat gloves and got to work. Just me, my panties and my gloves (okay, okay, I joke!). It may not have been the most enthusiastic workout (although I gave it all I could) and my energy may not have improved as much afterwards but I was proud that I did it when I didn’t want to and I didn’t have to worry about carrying around the stress of missing it.

Your success is only as good as your excuses so if you want to achieve something, be honest with yourself and then make it happen!

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