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60 days have come and gone since I first started Les Mills COMBAT and I have to say with all honesty that they have been some of the most fun, powerful and effective 60 days I’ve had in a long time!

In the final month of my program I stepped up my workouts to include more workouts specific to upper and lower body as well as increasing the duration of my cardio workouts. The result has been skyrocketing endurance and some muscle definition in my arms and shoulders I never knew I had! I’ve also noticed just how much easier it is for me to get through the core workouts which is a huge bonus as my core has always been a weak spot for me. Normally I have trouble getting through a few simple crunches but now I can get through almost the entire 20 minute Core Attack workout without having to take a break!

Although I personally didn’t lose much weight (about 4lbs) I can tell you that one of my Challenge Group members lost over 38lbs and 17″ since he started COMBAT! Holy Toledo, Batman! That’s some powerful shtuff right there!

This workout, albeit a whole heap of fun, is no joke! You will sweat. You will get out of breath. You’ll work so hard that you’ll barely be able to sit the next day. You’ll lose weight. You’ll lose inches. You’ll gain strength and endurance. You’ll have oodles of energy and you won’t want it to end. That’s the only con out of this program, in my opinion; not enough workouts! I’d love to see another 45 minute workout and one or two more strength specific workouts. I do suggest replacing the Combat 30 workout with the Combat 30 Live workout every once in a while to shake things up a bit and I highly recommend purchasing the Ultimate Warrior pack as it adds four more workouts so you can continue to advance in intensity and get even stronger. It also gives you more options so you can start with the beginner schedule and work your way up to the advanced schedule without getting bored.

I highly recommend this workout to people of all levels who want a workout that’s not only effective but heaps of fun! You’ll get in a great workout without even realizing it and you’ll feel stronger and empowered the entire time!

So what’s a girl to do when she’s not ready to pack up her fav newest workout program? She creates a hybrid program combining it and her other favourite program, TurboFire! Get your copy of the schedule here and comment to let me know that you’re joining me! I’ll keep you updated on my progress over the next 90-days!

And in the immortal words of Dan and Rach: “Keep it real and STAY WITH THE FIGHT!”

P.S. Yes, I do recommend getting the gloves. When you feel badass you’ll punch and kick like a badass, I love my gloves!


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