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So we’ve talked about my new goals and we discussed how I’ll get there from a nutrition and fuel standpoint but there are four important principles of any change:

  1. A specific, measurable and attainable goal (I want to decrease my fat by 10% between now and June 19)
  2. A nutrition plan that will help you reach your goal (Mine is one that’ll help me to melt the fat off, increase my metabolism and repair my newly built muscles)
  3. A well thought out and solid workout plan that’ll help you to reach your goals (I’m talkin’ about today)
  4. A support system that will, duh, support you, encourage you, motivate, keep you accountable and challenge you to make sure you’re doing what you said were you were going to do so that you’ll achieve your goals (we’ll chat about this next week!)

So let’s talk about my “well thought out and solid workout plan that’ll help me to reach my goal” shall we?

Remember when I said in this post that the absolute BEST way to burn fat (and NOT muscle) is to choose a workout that will help your body to create mitochondria (the fat-burning cells in you body)? Well I also mentioned that the best workouts to do that are anything involving strength training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) so that’s the short answer of what my muscle-building workout plan consists of: strength training combined with HIIT.

But I’m a program person. I need to have a beginning, middle and end to my workouts to give me a basis of measurement and to keep me (and my body) from getting bored so I decided that the best workout for me to do to achieve my fat loss goal is take another shot at my beloved ChaLEAN Extreme/Turbo Fire hybrid program!

Both programs on their own are amazing and can help you to achieve incredible results. ChaLEAN Extreme on it’s own is a fantastic muscle-building program and focuses on heavy weights and few repetitions of each move to concentrate on muscle failure (muscle failure is when you can’t squeeze out any more reps with good form) and also throws in a few HIIT workouts to rev up your metabolism. The downside is that there aren’t a lot of HIIT workouts in the program and you can get super bored with them. TurboFire, on the other hand, is pretty much the complete opposite of CLX, it concentrates specifically on HIIT workouts with cardio programs that have burned more calories than any other program I’ve EVER done and although it does contain its own set of strength training workouts, there are only two of ’em and they don’t really concentrate on muscle-building as well as CLX. So it stands to reason that by combining the two; taking all the hardcore muscle-building workouts from CLX and combining them with the intense HIIT workouts from TF – you’ve got yourself a damn near perfect recipe for fat loss and muscle building!

In fact, it’s this hybrid that Chalene Johnson herself (the trainer for both CLX and TF) does on a daily basis. Now, I did this hybrid last spring with great results but I admit that I didn’t give it all I could in the weight area. I used the weights I had which worked but I knew I could do more. This time I’m investing in a set of SelectTech weights in May so I can make sure I reach muscle failure on a regular basis to encourage new cell growth and make sure that I’m giving it my all each and every time! Besides, I just bought a bridesmaid dress over the weekend that leaves absolutely NO room for extra body fat! YIKES!

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